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The effects of CSI are the symptoms by which there is an exaggeration of the how the forensic science in crime shows, has significantly influenced the public perception in the real world scenario of forensic science. This is due to the fact that there is a belief that jurors have come to demand for more evidence in regard to the criminal trials. This has the effect of raising the prosecutors’ standards of proof of evidence beyond reasonable doubt.  The awareness of the CSI to the public has enhanced the demand for forensic investigation by the police thus, inflating the crime laboratories with workload. The CSI has affected the criminal justice system due to the altering of the public awareness, knowledge and opinion. The CSI has also affected the public due to misinformation in regard to the purpose of judges in courtroom.

The use of professional juries has been affected by the CSI effect in the legal system in the US. Thus, there are some advantages accrued by use of professional juries, as the evidence has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt. This enhanced that no room for errors in any criminal trial system. The disadvantage of CSI effect to have professional juries is the time taken to complete a trial, as it has increased because the evidence must pass the scientific process. Lack of proper investigation and forensic evidence can lead to acquittal of criminal even with the presence of eye witnesses at the crime scene. The volunteer juries have the capability to influence the forensic evidence in relation to the CSI effects thus, denying justice to victims of criminal acts.

Ethical code is an important aspect in the field of forensic science due to its reliability and effectiveness; this enhances the improvement of services offered by the laboratories to the criminal justice, and the development of criteria that is employed to strengthen the performance of operations. Forensic scientists are required to be technically competent to methods applied to their analysis. In respect to qualification there must be an aspect of honesty to conclusion and opinions in their examination of expertise field. The aspect of impartiality should be maintained during their reviews of evidence and delivery of expert testimonies which non-scientific facts finders can understand.

The code of behavior in the scientific lab can be enhanced through the proficiency in training programs, as this offers the forensic scientists to be equipped with the required standards.  This has enabled the sustainability of the labs through the stimulation of specimen testing experiences. The behavior of the members has governed by the professional codes of ethics that gives the central tenet of the codes to be adhered to by the members. Accreditation guidelines of the laboratory must be adhered to, as conduct applied to the labs operations, management and safety. This has the capability to improve the services provided by the lab which is independent and impartial for the benefit of the total organization.

The steps of scientific method include:  the observation and description of a phenomenon where a forensic examiner must observe the incident. Formulation of hypothesis to help in explaining the phenomenon, this demonstrates the essentials in framing the question to be answered in the research. The hypothesis is used to predict the outcome of the phenomenon, as the forensic expert tries to explain what has been observed that is potential to the observation in effect. The work is built on previous research done in the same field of investigation.  The performance of the scientific tests which were predicted using experiments that is independent. An experiment must be conducted with a control group which is crucial to get accurate results which denotes the results of the hypothesis to be plausible. The ruling of Frye and Daubert have significantly affected the forensic science and the courts in that, the CSI effects have a demonstration by jurors to have high expectation by which a prosecutor has to provide scientific evidence in a trial. This has resulted to the fact that it is impossible to find a criminal guilty without the provision of scientific evidence even in the presence of eye witnesses. The scientific evidence does not only rely on scientific evidence for rape, but other crimes needs to have the evidence that is produced scientifically.

In the process of administering forensic evidence to the courtroom to be accepted there is a method employed for the feasibility of the scientific evidence. The method employed helps the jury to have a clear understanding of the evidence, as the only one which have the information required by the jury. The evidence must portray the true value to the judge and the jury to understanding what the evidence entails. The forensic evidence provided must be well interrelated to have the judges and the jury contemplates the meaning of the evidence. It must not escalate to a language of the forensic science only as this will imply that the evidence to be unreliable. It is therefore imperative for the presentation of the evidence to be precise to ensure the concerned group understand and interpret the evidence effectively to be accepted in the criminal trial.

Effects of CSI. Custom Effects of CSI Essay Writing Service || Effects of CSI Essay samples, help

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