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According to Mitchell & Coles, 2003, a successful team should always have a loyal fan base; the fans always play a major role in the team’s success. Loyal fans always give moral support to the team more so they provide a financial basis since they purchase match tickets on a consistent basis. When a team has goodwill from the fans its promotional events always turn out to be successful hence generate revenue to sustain the team’s expenditure as is the case with Chicago bears football team. The coaching staff in is the fundamental organ of success in a team. A good head coach understands each of his/her player’s strong points and weakness. The coach should try and come up with a playing style that is widely acceptable and produces results at the same time .A coach’s decision can bring the difference between winning and loosing. Coaches always try to come up with a winning formula. This decision transforms to the betting taking place.

When a team is competing successfully it attracts good players who have good individual skills thereby increasing the team’s probability of winning. Players with good individual skills always turn out to be the darling of the fans. Such players can be used as a marketing strategy since they have a good command of the fans. These players can be used for celebrity advertisement to market a variety of products thus collecting revenue for the team.



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