Turn Around Model

Question One

A high school in Rhode Island recently was involved in what has been termed as a very controversial move. The school which has been a subject of consistent poor performance recently resolved on the use of the Turn Around Model in an effort to reshape the structure and personnel so as to have a twist form failure to success. It was under that scenario that a total of 93 members of the staff were subject to a sudden firing (Thomas, 2010). The school that is named as Central Falls High School had its board go for the ruthless decision to fire the huge chunk of teachers after it had failed in convincing the teacher's union to develop a plan so that the teachers could be involved in extra hours with the students.

The 93 members of the staff that were being fired were inclusive of a principal, 3 deputy principals and 73 classroom teachers (Thomas, 2010). As if that was not enough to cover for the failure that the school was already experiencing the board decided that the Turn Around Model had to affect the guidance counselors, the school's psychologist, the physical education teachers and the reading specialists. As a matter of fact, this was a complete Turn Around Model.

The implementation of the Turn Around Model in Central Falls High Schools can be clearly seen to be a perfect remedy to be used along teachers who are not ready to prove the fact that they are devoted to helping children (Moehlman, 2007). The difference between the teachers who are devoted to work and those that are not is in the level of sacrifice that is put in work. Therefore having the teachers victimized by the Turn Around Model only serves the teachers a lesson.

On the other hand, it seems to be a very unfair deal to squarely blame the teacher for failure of the students due to the fact that the teacher may be offered children who are already deprived of success depending on the environments they comes from back at home (Strike, 2005). This reform strategy is biased as the teacher is the only one blamed for the failure of the students.

Question Two

In case I am responsible for the development of a refreshers course for school administrators, I would address three main topics which are communication skills followed by influence skills and finally character development. The three topics have been listed in order hence their tackling would also follow the same order.

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Communications with other stakeholders in education is very common for school administrators. The quality and quantity of these skills could be improved by developing better body language, and the openness of closed aspect of communication. The manner in which an administrator communicates is a big determinant as to whether he or she can have the various stakeholders associated freely with him or not (Winters, 2010). It is important that free communication is enhanced by the administrator.

In regard to the influence skills, the administrator ought to ensure that the teachers and even ordinary members of the staff do have some influence on the operations in school. This helps ensure that optimal contribution and cooperation is gotten form the entire staff. Skills and talents are therefore optimally utilized by the school administrator for the school's performance (Shaun, 2010).

Finally, leadership character has to be considered by the administrator in the endeavors. Some basic traits such as trustworthiness, integrity, showing respect to others, honesty and being friendly and considerate are very effective in enhancing the development of leadership character (Keupp, 2007).

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