National Education Standards

According to Joel Pett, the education standards that have been set are high. The ever increasing population is putting pressure on the environment in terms of the required resources to keep with the standards. These are the kind of calculations that government is doing to maintain the standards it has set. To be in school these days and actually learning to get knowledgeable is quite a challenging task. The world out there is a tough life, get educated on to lack employment. Students are thus not taking it serious to have the formal education.

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The government is no longer funding the education system that the burden is left to the parents. This is not good governance since only the rich will access the best for example take Harvard University or Stanford, these are for they that can afford or be lucky enough to get a sponsorship. Money equals speech in this context means a lot of politics is coming in. This brings in corruption in every sector of the economy including the education sector. The generation in the schools thus turns to drugs, leading to bad behavior. The lacks of jobs after school leads them to crime hence guns give them freedom. In the long run , the whole economy suffers teachers are laid off as they are the shapers of the students destiny, politics become even worse with lots of criminal work in the whole world.

According to Signe Wilkson, education all over the world has become very expensive. The burden to pay for education has been laid on the parent/ guardian. If it is too much too afford, Signe just tell them to ignore the whole issue, and choose other alternatives. In his context, to be a cartoonist like him needs nurturing and other such talents like painting, skating, marathon running. He recommends parent to take alternatives in life for their children to enable them to be self reliant. The governor who represents the government is being warned that the sector needs more support to achieve the intended goals of educating every student to the highest levels. Knowledge is power hence putting more emphasis on the dire need to chip in even more and enable practically every student reach college levels.

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Doz explains in this context that the Supreme Court which is of high authority has given a verdict that the school system should receive a hefty funding from the government.  I figure that the education had not been well funded but after this verdict there is reason to smile since education will now be affordable for the students, and the teachers and other staff will receive their dues.

According to Johncole, school funding is a highly valued aspect in the government. To provide education and make it accessible and affordable is a key aim the government intends to achieve. As much as it sis valued theoretical, practically its not the case. Very little funding is given as represented by the whole eaten apple. The funding is being missed by the government since the share set aside in the budget does not reach the public education funding.

Gary Varvel on the other hand, there are different needs in the public school ranging from food, laboratory equipments, learning materials, salaries, and even transport. All these require funding and Gary's view is that what the government gives cannot be enough to cater for all the needs of the public schools. The happy boy represents private sector where parents pay up and provide all necessities for learning.

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Signe in this cartoon takes the view that the United States government has been so generous in giving aid to the other countries that it is going to the extent of reducing the education budget. This will lead to poor education systems in the long run and soon enough it will fall out of power leaving other countries to take over i.e. China, South Korea and others. According to Signe education is power and the government should put that in mind.

In this case Signe points out the fact that the government is going into too much debts as the standards of living increase. The government I solving this by cutting funding from the education sector and the kind of finances needed to clear the debt is too much that it will leave schools with no funding. This figure to another country like Libya is twice the dollars being slashed. Though the schools are well funded, the government should look into other options for cutting back the deficits. Education is very important.

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