Importance of Education


Education serves an important function as it is the most effective means of bringing about the change that is desired in society. Education plays a critical role in the development of a generation of individuals that is virtuous and in turn contributes to the development of good people. The main aim of getting an education is to acquire knowledge; to instill the forms of proper conduct and getting technical competence. Through education, one is not only able to develop mentally, but also physically and socially. To the youths, education is important as it helps them to develop the principles of life, enables them to make the correct career decisions and also prepares them in the pursuit of the goals that they may have set for themselves in life (Oak, M.). This essay seeks to discuss how education especially in the field of computer networking can secure one's future.

Education brings about economic wealth, political stability and social prosperity; all these are hallmarks of a prosperous society. It can therefore be said that education playas an important role if a society is to be successful. Tertiary education is an important aspect in the development of any society that considers or aspires to be modern. It is by far the best investment that a nation or an individual can make in its youth or oneself respectively. Educated people are in a better position to contribute to the development of their country; these educated individuals get employment opportunities that give them satisfaction and also earn some form of respect among their work mates. It also plays an important role in the integration of a society in that by interacting with people from various areas, it will raise different issues that people in rural areas are facing thereby promoting knowledge and understanding of these areas (Learning City).

Computer Networking

Computer networking is an engineering discipline which involves the connecting two or a multiple of computer devices; this is done by using both hardware and software to facilitate the transfer and sharing of data. It goes without saying that the computer has become an important component of our lives. About half of all households in the United States have at least one personal computer. Besides the hardware and software elements of the computer, there has been a significant increase in the networking of computers. This therefore presents a wonderful employment opportunity whereby by studying this field, one can earn a decent living through its proceeds (Prescott, J.).

The Internet

This is without a doubt the most common example of computer networking. In its most basic form, a network consists of two or more computer systems that are linked together. Computers networks that are geographically close to one another, for example those found in the same building or organization are referred to as local area networks (LAN's); whereas a network of computers that are geographically far apart but are however connected by some kind of telecommunication technology for example high speed fiber optic lines, satellites, telephone lines or wireless technology are referred to as wide area networks (WAN's). The expert in this field is a computer network architect.

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By studying and qualifying in this field, one becomes a network architect whose responsibility is designing and also managing the various aspects of the complex interconnectivity of computers; the hardware and software of computers included. A network architect's duties can be summed up into different titles, for example network designer, telecommunications manager, WAN and/or LAN administrator. One is able to put his skills in this field either as an employee of a particular company or as a consultant (Prescott, J.).

Just to illustrate how lucrative such a career may be, the number of people the world over using the internet rose sharply from about 3 million in 1994 to an incredible figure of over 150 million today. Furthermore it is projected figure will reach about 700million in the next five years. This is to the advantage of experts for it is a fact that job opportunities will not be in short supply in this sector (Prescott, J.).

History of the career

The first modern "network" was developed in 1969 at the University of California Los Angeles. That same year, the Advanced Research Project Agency Network (ARPANET) which was under the Department of Defense gave scientists the green light to share information across geographical distances (Prescott, J.).

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In this day and age, it is quite difficult to get any organization or industry that does not use computers. The sheer demand for experts in the field of information technology goes beyond the communication industry to other sectors such as education, transportation, service sector, health and even in government. As an expert in this field, one is able to work in almost all geographic regions of the United States which may enable him experience the diversity that the country has to offer (Prescott, J.).


The importance of education in society cannot be understated. Education helps an individual to select a career path that best suits him and also goes ahead to instill in the student the necessary skills and knowledge that he may require for him to achieve his set goals. Education is also an important social tool as an educated individual has more often than not been in contact with people from different areas thereby fostering understanding among different people in society. Education helps an individual to better plan for his future in terms of career choice and the technical knowhow in the employment market.

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