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The PPE program is a tutorial program in Philosophy, Politics and economics at Claremont Mckenna Coolege which is specially designed, has limitation in enrollment and it is an interdisciplinary major. This program was adapted from a similar program at the Oxford University and utilizes tutorials and small seminars to motivate students to grow expository skills. The PPE program at Claremont Mckenna was founded in the year 1987 by Gordon Bjork, an economics professor. The students apply for the PPE major at the fall of their sophomore year and they are consequently informed if they are accepted in November. The program has turned to be hallmark of the school due to some admirable qualities. The program has a capacity maximum of fourteen students and owing to its escalating popularity this is rarely observed. The students who are participating are given the title "Edward J. Sexton Fellows," in recognizing of the main endowment gift to back up the program, and get a small grant for expenses in education (College Board, 2007).

The PPE program at Claremont Meckenna College has several requirements. The major needs three prerequisites from each of the disciplines; these are Economics 50: Principles of Economic Analysis, Government 20: Introduction to American politics and Philosophy 90: Introduction to philosophy or Philosophy 92: Contemporary moral issues, or Philosophy 93: Introduction to Philosophy and Public affairs. In normal circumstances the prerequisites for the PPE program have to be completed by the end of the semester of the sophomore. The students commence their spring semester by taking classes being directed by the philosophy professor of PPE, Professor Hurley. Apart from class time, each student attends a tutorial on weekly basis, commencing with their semester following being accepted. The first tutorial is normally with one peer, as is the situation for all. Every week a student will evaluate and critiques a paper that is handed in by another student. The following week, they have to switch roles. The professor explains that PPE is the best program of bring out the most of verbal skill. After graduation there is placement of the graduates to place their skills into action.

The PPE students in the major courses have to cover the following minimum nine courses distributed as follows: CMC Seminars and tutorials (6 courses); the core of the PPE major is composed of the three seminar-tutorial courses, one in each of three areas of the program. Students ideally take part in a weekly class seminar as well as a weekly tutorial whereby papers are read and deliberated with the guidance of a moderator who is one of the senior professors at CMC. The three tutorials include PPE 1a, b: Philosophy, PPP 11a, b: Politics and PPE 110a, b: Economic. The others are three elective courses in at least two of the three disciplines. It is a must for one to take intermediate microeconomics or any other intermediate microeconomic course which is approved. After that the student will undertake senior thesis in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. The students increase their understanding of alternative view. The senior thesis serves as the capstone experience to the education of the undergraduate student. The coverage of philosophy is not deep but the students learn a lot from the tutorials and other expository sessions to cover much on their own (College Board, 2007).

Each of the different majors will assist major majors prosper in all the fields. The students are acquainted with problem-solving skills and analytical techniques as used in contemporary social, economical and political situations.  The methods used for learning put more emphasis on writing, reading, debate and discussions from the views of the three studied disciplines. In the face of potential employers and graduate schools majoring in PPE will plough in additional skills that are so much needed as one gets in to the field outside the academic realm. Majoring in PPE will provide the student to interrogate several aspects in the field that eventually give him a solid background. Graduate schools of numerous kinds will be attracted after seeing the development of those who have gone through the program. Some employers are impressed with the program that makes students assertive while the starting salary is satisfactory. The economic benefit of majoring in PPE is that you accomplish so many things within a short time and thus saving a lot (Barrons Educational Series, 2009).

Majoring in PPE program has enough benefit so make one like to enroll in it. The time that one takes to go through the program is short and one attractive thing is that the elective causes can be taken off campus or abroad. It follows that this is a very flexible program and anyone enrolling in it cannot be inconvenienced in any way. Being a program at graduate level it makes the students perfect their expository skills through debates and the discussions. The skills acquired in this program can be applied in a vast area and there for gives the graduate an expansive of careers to choose from. People often forget that 'jack of all traders master of none' but though often times better that a master on one.

Examining CMCs PPE Program. Custom Examining CMCs PPE Program Essay Writing Service || Examining CMCs PPE Program Essay samples, help

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