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Studying Abroad

Knowledge is power many people argue that way and indeed is true. Many people move to different parts of the world simply because of thirst of knowledge. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi studied law in South Africa, and returned to his country a scholar, who had a conviction of leading people towards justice. Just like Gandhi, many other students have their own reasons for studying abroad for instance, the desire by a number of them, to get a high standard of education, better facilities on campus, and enhance their resume to be able to get better employment opportunity. Therefore, in this essay, I will examine the various reasons or causes that make students prefer studying abroad. Then finally, look at the effects of studying abroad.

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In third world or developing countries, most of the students consider the standard of imparting education as being low; as a result, prefer seeking admission in foreign universities. For instance, students may find out that some of their fields of interest such as engineering do not have substantial collages within their home countries; as a result, they will prefer to seek admission abroad.

In addition, some foreign universities have perfect infrastructure, research facilities, and scholarships that are attractive to students. All these factors will attract students who want to enhance their careers, yet the universities in their home countries do not have such facilities. Some courses such as biotechnology may require many facilities for research so at times students prefer going abroad as they believe that they have better facilities.

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Looking at an individual's resume, most of the time, students feel that degrees granted to them from foreign universities will add value and influence of their resume. Students believe that ones they get a certificate from abroad, they are able to improve their chances of employment. This is one of the major causes of students in developing countries traveling abroad. They also believe that, ones they have completed their studies abroad, they can be able to secure employment opportunities in the foreign country. As a result, they will be able to get employed in a foreign nation, and thus able to improve their standard of living. This is because, in developing countries, payment to those employed in most cases is low hence a low standard of living.

Studying abroad can have both positive and negative effects. Some of the positive effects that can result when one study abroad include learning a new language and learning a new culture. When one travels to study any course abroad, be it degree in linguistics or any other, communication is the main issue of concern. As a result, students will have to identify and learn a language that will enable them to communicate easily with the fellow students, and with their lectures.

Cultural influence is yet another effect that has resulted from studying abroad. Getting exposed to new cultures and interacting with individuals with different backgrounds is a pleasant experience. To explore a culture, which is different, is a thrilling experience, as this will make students depend on one another even when pursuing their studies. Despite the fact that students will learn new cultures, at times, it can go as far as eroding ones original culture. For instance, if a student completes studies and employed abroad he may end up forgetting his original culture. In addition to this, original language will not be spared either.

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As we are all aware, when a student travels abroad, he or she will have to get money to rent a new apartment for accommodation. Bearing in mind that, at that moment, the student is still new to the area, he or she will be prone to spending a lot of money. Studying abroad can take many forms. Depending on the many forms, a student can choose a form he or she finds relevant. All these forms have effects that can be positive or negative based on ones perception, and adjustments to the effects. Finally, students who go for studies abroad have different reasons for their action.

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