The Problem Based Learning


Problem based learning commonly referred to as PBL is a type of learning that challenges and encourages learners to learn through engagement in real situations.  It helps in simultaneous development of problem solving strategies and displinary knowledge base.  It makes and helps students develop problem solving skills making them all round and adaptable in the real world.

PBL has greatly influenced and altered the way I learn and understand different situations and facts.  Availability of real life situations has led to a more developed way of understanding and internalizing concepts. It has further helped me feel part of the situation rather than a spectator of the same.

The learning method in consideration has allowed me to come to terms with real life challenges. This has made me more focused and alert to different situations and occurrences. It has further made me more rational in handling of situations. It has helped me face on reality based dimension rather than assumption (Schwartz & Mennin 2001).

The PBL method allows and encourages group or rather team work. It encourages that students come together and debate on a common ground or solution. This has widely encouraged me to engage in intensive consultation during problem solving sessions. It has made me view teams as a vital aspect of delivering sound solutions to problems (Bosher 2005).

The PBL method has had adverse positive effects on my career as a beginning teacher. It has encouraged me to engage my students in active team work. It has further guided me in showing the students how to handle and solve problems facing them as a team. The PBL method has proved to me that team work is the best way to engage students in learning. It has further enabled me get the importance of engaging students in practical’s rather than theories.


In conclusion, PBL is the best method of learning as it is practical and more real. It further encourages the learners to have basic life skills which are vital at all levels of life. The PBL methods ensure that the students as well as the teacher discover the importance of shared ideas and team work in all their endeavors. This ensures there is communal integration. It further encourages team work both in school and workplace where the scholars are headed to in future.



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