Why Some College Students Cheat

Our educational system has become complicit as students started cheating their institutions or instructors with activities like plagiarism, fabrication, collusion, forgery, inappropriate possession and fraud. This happens mainly in examinations and assessment activities. The question, whom to be blamed for the attitude of children to cheat higher authorities of their educational institution has gained importance these days. Children may develop the practice of cheating from early child-hood from their parents as they used to do home work on behalf of their kids. From then on wards, the difference between original work and borrowed or copied work started to get blurred in the minds of children. Similarly, as teachers overload children with assignments and tests, they used to find other ways to survive from the pressure. Therefore, teachers and parents together to an extent contribute to the development of fraud behaviors and cheating habit in the children. Whatever the case is, cheating habit has perilously being growing in today’s students.

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A team of educators and administrators in Long Island, New York, spent two years in studying and examining the escalating cheating behaviors among students. After analyzing the study findings, they have formulated some guidelines to crack down the practice. One of the main recommendations of the team was to give rewards to those students who behave ethically in schools. The team proposed that, giving rewards to ethical students would be an encouragement for others to give up the practice of cheating. Educators and administrators who had attended the study had agreed to implement the following in their schools in order to eradicate the practice completely.

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  • Conduct special classes on the importance of academic integrity and honesty to students of every age.
  • Develop and execute age-appropriate guidelines for students and parents.
  • Use the pedagogy method of teaching that promotes students to take ownership of their own work.
  • Develop and implement modalities to celebrate examples of academic integrity within schools and colleges.


It is unfair to steal someone’s work and efforts. Firstly, it is an injustice done towards original authors as they work hard to get their work done. If copying is done during exams, the person who copied together with the ethical student also blamed for cheating. Hence, children must be thought in their very youngest age that their own works is different from borrowed or copied work. In addition, teachers and parents must make them understand that their own work has values and it is unique in every aspect. Children must get the idea from their child-hood days that stealing will not give any sort of education but instead will ruin the development as a good citizen. Parents, instead of doing their kids’ homework, should tell them that, others cannot do the work for them and also copying without proper citation is unacceptable. These kinds of early lessons from homes and play schools help students to turn down their eyes against term papers available for some dollars.

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Cheating has become a big concern in educational institutions as students are involving in various kinds of cheating to pass the tests and to rank first in internal assessments. As most of the students are not thinking cheating as ethically wrong, it becomes difficult for the instructors to divert them from such practices. This attitude of students needs to be changed in order to evacuate the habit from in and out of schools completely. Educational institutions must ensure that their students understand the concepts of Copy Right, Intellectual Property Right etc. Moreover, students must realize the distinction between their own work and copied work. The success of our nation mandates not only higher test scores as a global competitive matter, but a reaffirmation of the values out of which democracy thrives.

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