Cyber School


Cyber Schools can be described as institutions that offer their courses online. Cyber schools will create a better learning environment and provide a better education to prepare students to be successful later in life. I agree with this statement since for the past time, some students whom have undertaken cyber classes have shown a different degree of understanding and knowledge. Students whom have taken the courses seem to be more self-driven. This paper discusses the advantages of having cyber schools.

Cyber schools offer a fresh start and a customized education system that has some flexibility and has an expanded curriculum. It also provides a safe learning environment where there is some parental involvement and anonymity. Most students who undertake cyber classes tend to become self-disciplined and motivated to use the new digital technology tools to do their work confidently (Tomei 2009).

A Cyber school gives a flexible curriculum that parents and older students can customize. Most of the lessons given are self paced that allows some changes to be made so that it can suit the learning style of the student, interests and capacity. Cyber schools have fewer exams. Grading of students in the cyber schools is made possible by use of assignments, investigative reports and also written presentations. This makes it possible for the student to do a good research and get good understanding of the topic instead of just memorizing some few things prior to the exams which later evaporates quickly from their minds (Jones 2010).


Cyber schools have many advantages to the students who take them seriously. Students gain self control and motivation since they read for their own and can get their morale boosted up if they understand. Undertaking cyber classes may also save the time used by the student to travel to classes which can be used for academic gains. The students that have some difficulties in understanding a concept may be given individual attention. This shows that cyber schools can be more useful and productive than their brick-and-mortal counterparts.

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