Inclusive Education Early Childhood

Early Childhood Education is one of the most important since it prepares the children to face a better future. Whatever happens at this stage greatly affects the future of the child meaning that it should be done cautiously and professionally (EYLF, 2009). For children the sense of identity is not strong while their sense of wellbeing is not yet developed. They have no confidence, are not involved in the process of learning and do not communicate effectively. The children also have a rift between them and the world they live in and these reasons make Early Childhood Education a basis for their future.

Task 2: Changing Perspectives

Young children are diversified by power, identity and social inequality which makes it challenge for a trainer to make them be unified. Challenges experiences are the children who are of lower social status feel inferior. Hence, they lack self esteem and confidence whenever they are with their peers which in turn will make them withdraw from the rest. However, those of high social status will feel much more superior to their peers.

Task 3: Communication Challenges

Language barrier especially for children becomes a tremendous challenge since children are not able to express themselves, they are not also able to use signs to communicate hence there is no understanding in the classroom. This makes it difficult to disseminate knowledge and skills needed by the students leading to a very low performance.

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Task 4: Inclusive Practices

Classes will at times have a child with a special need or additional need that others do not need. Making them able to cope up with the rest of the class and ensuring they get the necessary attention places them in a position that they are able to compete with the rest of the class. Lifting the child’s self esteem and confidence is a challenge especially where the child does not want to accept the situation (De Gioia, 2009). The counseling process is all inclusive and the parents/guardian should not be left out.

A school is a public place and diversity is inevitable; the diversity in culture ensures that the young children have different perspectives in life. There is need for a common factor to unify the children so that they may be able to accept each other and their diversity (Robinson, & Diaz, 1999). This means that a new culture within the class should be nurtured and the students guided in it. The parents and staff should work hand in hand so that the child’s behavior is inline with school regulations.

Task 6: Working with the Early Years Learning Framework

Children are very unique in that they have a strong logic of personality, and wellbeing; they have a strong connection and constantly communicate with the world; they are confident and are always involved in the process of learning; and they effectively communicate with a clear honest conscience at all times (EYLF).

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Task 7: What are the future challenges you might face?

The future brings new challenges since the world is dynamic and especially in Early Childhood Education. The changing lifestyles are causing a greater rift in social inequality. Culture is being diversified through intermarriages and migratory behavior of people and this will affect the children’s identity. Many children have the zeal to pursue education and their first language is not English will bring challenges in language barrier since they must understand English. When all these challenges are address properly by a team of united teachers and parents/guardians then the future is bright for the children.

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