Standardized Testing

There is an increasingly sensitive debate on whether standardized testing is good or bad for general education. It is with facts that the modes of testing in the school curriculum have negative impact on the level of education that students receive. There are those who stand for the testing mode while others are against it. This proposal will critically examine the negative factors that are derived from testing namely, lack of room for students' critical thinking, rigidity in the curriculum, corruption and lack of true reflection in potential.

The main aim of getting an education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. This means that students have to be exposed to the aspect of critical and creative thinking about all the aspect of life through education. However, the standardized testing mode makes the student concentrate on passing of tests and examination and cram of required formulas without knowing how to practically apply the. In the same thought, the curriculum of standardization is too rigid for even the instructors. This is negative as it kills innovation and coming up with new ideas by these students. The students are made to carry on with old and obsolete measures without much question and criticism.

The standardized testing has other serious consequences especially where acts of cheating and corruption are involved. There have been cases where students get undeserving grades through favors from teachers. This means a true potential and justice is not obtained because the students don't deserve those grades.

In sum, this mode of testing has worse consequences than the benefits. By the issues of impaired innovation and lack of true reflection of potential it is clear it can be seen that it is not the best. The proposal therefore has a position that the mode is negative.



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