Students Who Refuse To Learn


Teachers play a major role in determining and individuals relevance in society both in the short term and in the long term. They are responsible for the nurturing and development of ones talent both inside and outside the classroom. For this I think the teaching profession plays a significant role in ensuring national growth in aspects whether political, economic or social.  However, the performance of an individual student involves a process known as learning. For on to learn and comprehend, they must be able to listen and accept the chain of bureaucracy stipulated by the administration. There are however many students who fail to completely realize and appreciate what their teachers try to do in relation to educating them. These individual thus provide basis for this papers argument that it is not in the place of teachers to offer their service to such individuals.

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There are many factors that influence students in institutions to develop an unlinking for learning. Some of them are incorporated into the institution's rules and regulations giving students the power to refuse to learn in particular situations (Gitlin, 1992). In my research, I managed to interview a handful of students and teachers alike. It did not hit me as a surprise that many of the students complained of petty issues that seemed only to affect them personally but were irrelevant to other students. From my research, I also deduced that most of the students, who seemed uncomfortable with learning, had all the comforts life had to offer and this partly enlightened me on their behavioral background. Apparently, many of those who were comfortable with school seemed incapacitated in their own unique ways. Some lacked the comfort of being driven and picked from school while other s too lacked proper clothing. My deductions on basis of my research was there fore that students who disliked school lacked motivation while those tat took schooling seriously had some kind of driving force that is prevalent with achievers.

From the teachers, I was able to learn that many of the students who performed poorly had very little support from their parents. The guardians ignored often summons regarding the failure of their children in a particular test and thus there was no way for the teachers to get to the root of the problem. Some of the parents too were very protective of their children and gave them immense freedom to act as they wish without fear of reprimand. From the description above, one gets to fully experience how frustrated particular teacher may be regarding particular students. Now why should teachers continue to teach such students who do not have even a little ounce of respect?

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Because learning is just like respect (two way traffic), both the input of the teacher and the student is required in the achievement of satisfying results. The desire to learn by students seemingly reduces the workload faced a particular teacher. This in turn allows for the successful completion a course syllabus in due time. However, picture a situation where the teacher is constantly burdened by a particular student whose work is to interfere with the flow of lessons during class time. It will impact negatively on those who are there to learn and consequently slow the completion of the syllabus. The examinations will not be so kind as to take this factor into consideration and as a result, the concerned teacher will be liable to explain why students under his or her charge performed poorly. Now taking into consideration the documented happenings, should the teacher account or be responsible for what is entirely not his fault? I don't think it is fair. Such students only end up wasting the time of other committed students.

Some people might argue that it is the work of teachers to ensure that every student gets equal treatment during class time, and that one as a teacher must be able to positively influence every student (Riley, 2010). For them, they believe that this is what exactly they (the teachers), get paid to do. While I partly agree with the statement, I disagree with specific clauses. How can one completely be successful if the other partner is unyielding? And how does one account for the fact that they are not getting extra pay for the extra attention the y give to such students at the expense of other students who happen to more cooperative? These questions bring into focus the plight of teachers in relation to their salary.

I think it will be ethical if one worked for long hours with a student who is thirsty for knowledge and shows his or her appreciation rather than a student who is spoilt and constantly degrades the status of the teacher. Such as students is devoid of the knowledge of life's ideals (James, 2008) Some of these students are given enough pocket money that surpasses the monthly pay of their teacher. Bearing in mind that education is supposed to help one get a decent job and work towards economic stability, I do not see any reason for such students whose parents corrupt them to be in the same class with students who understand the importance of education and how its absorption will impact on their future lives.


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People can say many things about teachers but the bottom line is that we need tem for a successful and educated society. They are indispensable in any way and will continue to be relevant to society in general. If teachers are to achieve full potential of their field of profession, it is important tat parents also realize the importance of training their children the values of being open for correction and thus nurture their to learn, comprehend and apply techniques they acquire in school. But as it is now, teachers are responsible for the attention demanded by students who do not perform overly well.

As a result many of the committed students lack this attention and decline in their performance which I think is a kind of a silent crisis waiting to happen. It is thus my honest opinion that teachers be allowed to teach only those who desire to learn and do away with those who refuse to learn. In my view, it will save the government a lot of money in education funds that end up getting wasted by such students when it is clear that there are others who are willing to seize this particular opportunity.

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