Questions for Seminar

Create a series of 6-10 PowerPoint slides that answer the listed questions.

Incorporate graphics (and/or animations) to enhance the presentation and will include speaker’s notes in the form of full explanation of the answer (SLO 26). Ask your instructor about topics you aren’t sure about. Participation in the discussion will also help you find further information to support your understanding of the material for inclusion the presentation.

Use APA citations in the speaker’s notes to avoid violation of the academic honesty code.

Questions for Seminar Three slides: Topic - Agriculture/People/Places/Soil

1. Where does your food come from? Complete an investigation through online research or talk with your local grocer and find out where the produce and meat comes from. Some of the major markets have online sites to review. Do you shop your local Farmers Market? Haw has your personal food preparation/selection changed over the past 10 years? (SLO 19, 20)

2. Identify three reasons that buying locally can help your region within the nearest 100 miles. What producers/or farmers market can you find locally? Why is this going to be important information to know?

3. Identify two soil/ food toxins in your environment that your family should be concerned with. How would these effect a) your soils? b) your locally available foods? Where are these toxins reported to the public and how concerned are you about them? (SLO 20, 21, 22)

4. How does what foods we purchase locally effect what is locally available? Give at least one example of a product that helps to keep your area able to provide an income from farming/ranching. (SLO 23)

5. Visiting a store or online source, such as PeaPod, compare organic vs. traditional grown farming prices for each of the following: peanut butter, apples, and tomatoes. Include the location and price. (SLO 23)

6. What is genetically modified food? What genetically modified foods are available at your local store? Explain at least two advantages and two disadvantages of genetic modification in our local grocery store. Do you think this this good or bad thing? Your answer should have supporting research for an informed opinion.

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