Learning Objective

Learning objective content: The trainees should be able to acquire the following knowledge and skills during the training. In the training, some of the skills will be a pre condition and therefore, will require more time for training. Since the training doesn’t require previous knowledge and skills some of the areas under study will be new to the learners. During the training  the trainees must be able to know the following:- how to identify patients in emergency situation, prescribe needed assistance to patients, diagnose  the extent of injury, give first aid, dress up wounds, record progress of patients recovery after visitation, record medication and other forms of care accessories, record data from the patients into a system, must be able to work free from cultural disparities, and basic knowledge and confidence in the use of computer applications such as; excel PowerPoint and spreadsheet.

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Learning objective: After the end of the training, the trainees should be to:- prepare records that show: the progress of the patients after first and subsequent visitation, medication and other forms of medical care accessories, and must also be able to record data from patients into the database. To demonstrate, the ability to give first aid to wounded patients. To identify patients in emergency situations; an emergency situation is a state in which an individual cannot provide himself with the necessary medical care. To describe the extent of the injury the patient has; this should be done through diagnosis.  The trainees should be able to analyze post treatment measures that are applicable to different patients using SWOT analysis. To demonstrate the skills provided in the use of computer packages by drawing charts and tables contain medical records. The students should be able to appreciate the training given, by practicing it at their respective workplaces. The trainees to explain all the steps needed to provide first aid to patients.

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