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Professional Development Plan

In order to improve the new teacher’s performance in teaching, there is a need to carry out a mentor’s professional development program plan. In the program plan, several mentors will bring out the mentorship programs to help motivate and embolden the teachers to ensemble in their new profession. Indeed, the prime purpose of professional development in a learning environ is to strengthen the effectiveness of the educators as they take part in the teaching and learning process.

Every associate of the professional staff needs to advance their knowledge and skills in order to vitalize and inaugurate the essential development machinery through an optimistic locality. During the professional development program plan, the participants are mainly the new teachers who are familiar with the training content. These new teacherschange their way of teaching to suit those taught during the mentorship program. The number of mentors who attend the professional development program is equivalent to the number of new teachers.


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As participants in the program were new teachers, the mentors invited came from the teaching field. The mentors have to be reasonably qualified teachers with vast experience in the teaching profession. Mentors in a program should have hand on experience in teaching as they show professional expertise to their mentees. Therefore, mentors should have shown exemplary portrait in mentorship as the relationship between the new teachers and the mentors is personal.

As a result, the mentors provide professional and personal support. Mentors who work with new teachers have various motivations that drive them to participate in the mentorship program. Through the mentorship programs mentors can improve their professional competency, boosts their self-esteem, improve their level of reflectiveness on teaching, get a professional renewal and improves mentors capacity for leadership. The professional development program of the new teachersto take a period of 12 months as the procedure of mentoring is done gradually with the teaching of the students going on at the same time. The program is to be carried out after classes at 4.00p.m to 5.30 p.m. in a given day every month, when the teachers are free from their lesson in the schools conference room. Indeed, the professional development program to be carried out on a daily basis.

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Indeed, the professional development facilitator unquestionably has highly esteemed credentials from a university through accredited career development programs besides the possession of counseling licenses through clinical training and degree program completion. Currently, the invited facilitator is a counselor dealing with both the students and the other employees in within the school.

Date Topic Description
One Offer instructional strategies. use of instructional strategy in learning activities
Two Professional teaching standards. Use of professional teaching standards by mentors and new teachers.


Background of the new teachers.

Program activities and the morals of new teacher becomes mentors main interest.
Four collaborative inquiry, analysis, and reflection on practice

Mentor undertakes the examination of

Observation cycle.

Five formative assessments

Observation of new teacher in classroom during

Instruction by their mentors through formative assessment.


Uses results of formative assessment

to guide mentoring

Through a follow up the mentor discusses formative assessment with new Teacher


Works with colleagues, administrators, and school communities Mentors and new teachers attends and participates in the scheduled Meetings, to advance the teaching profession
Eight Utilizes knowledge of content standards

Mentor discusses content standards with

Participating Teacher in order to advance teacher and student development


Uses knowledge of equity principals to deepen new teachers

application of standards

Mentor discusses principals of equity

with the new Teacher

Ten Dimensions on interests, experience and needs of new Teacher Mentors meets with teachers to discuss program activities and the needs of PT
Teacher preparation programs at universities focus on the INTASC principles. In this session, mentors will learn the language of INTASC.

Promotion of understanding and

application of the program standards

Mentor attends some meetings with involvement teacher to complete all




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