School Improvement Plan

Schools face many problems that hinder the success of students. Schools need to identify these problems and roll out a plan to improve the schools in these areas. The aim of this paper is to look at one of the problems facing schools, discuss the effects of the problem on the success of students, and give the rollout of the plan to change the situation. The paper is going to look at the contemporary issues facing adolescents. The paper is also going to suggest a plan to minimize the effects of some of today’s issues that affect the success of the students.

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Today’s adolescents face many issues that have a negative effect in their success. The contemporary issues affect success in academics and success in life in general. In order to improve our schools addressing the contemporary issues that the adolescents face is paramount. The contemporary factors that affect adolescents include substance abuse, bullying, cyber bullying, sexting, pornography, and depression among others. Technological advancements in today’s world have contributed largely to promote the increase of the above factors.

In today’s world, statistics show that 40% of teenagers in the United States consume alcohol. Another 25% of teenagers in high schools take marijuana. The effects of alcohol and substance abuse have many effects; among the effects is laziness, encouraging irresponsibility and many others. Drug abuse encourages neglect of duty among all people. Adolescents who indulge in drug and substance abuse will most likely neglect studies and other essential life factors. Such adolescents are not likely to succeed (CDC, 1999). In the modern world, bullying has been on the increase in high schools. The victims of bullying live in stress and fear. Stress and fear will certainly affect the performance of students in schools thus affecting their success. Sexting involves sending of explicit messages mostly using mobile phones. Sexting exposes adolescents to early sexual activities. Early sex exposes students to teenage pregnancies, contracting STIs and general erosion of morals. If students contract an STI or become pregnant at early age, their performance in schools is affected. Teenagers might even drop out of school because of this. Pornography is common in high schools today. Pornography is very addictive and students will most likely overlook studies to watch pornography. Pornography exposes adolescents to early sex too. All these factors will affect studies hence affect the success of the students.

To address the problem of the contemporary issues facing adolescents, schools should consider some few factors. Schools should consider factors that facilitate the above problems. If schools could look at these factors, they could minimize the issues that affect the student’s success in the contemporary society.

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The schools should enforce strict measures on the use of the internet. Schools should not allow students to use the internet in the computer laboratory on their own. Since adolescents will spend most of their time in school, ensuring that the students do not visit pornographic sites in school will reduce possibility of the students visiting damaging sites like pornographic sites.

Schools need to organize seminars and rallies to address the issues facing students in the modern world. The rallies should feature celebrities for entertainment to attract more adolescents to the events. The themes of the rallies and seminars should focus on the factors that affect the success of the teenagers in the modern world. The rallies and seminars should discuss drug abuse, sexting, bullying, pornography, early sex. The rallies and seminars should encourage students to enjoy non-harmful entertainment. The seminars should teach that alcohol and substance abuse used as entertainment would only harm the user. The rallies and seminars should be monthly.

Schools should enforce strict measures on bullying. A bully should face expulsion from school. Students need to be encouraged to report bullying cases. Schools should assure the security of students who report bullying cases. The schools should educate students should on cyber bullying and ways to avoid and cope with it.

Schools should organize forums in which students can discuss several factors that affect them. The forums should only include students so that they can feel free to discuss the issues. Sometimes the forums should also include teachers and parents. The forums will help the students, teachers, and parents identify areas they can help. Student’s forums should be after every two months. The forums between the students, teachers, and parents should at least twice in a year.

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Schools should also organize seminars for both teachers and parents. The seminars will educate teachers and parents on how to guide the students cope with the contemporary issues affecting students. The seminars for parents and teachers should be once in a year

Schools should distribute messages discouraging drug abuse, pornography, sexting, bullying, and earl sex. The messages should be all around the school. The messages might be in form of posters, billboards, electronic billboards, and paintings. Schools can organize writing contests on the issues affecting adolescents. The schools should publish the articles and provide them to students to read (Brener, 2003). 

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