School Working Plan

The plan will have a high cost initially. On subsequent years, the plan will have a much lower cost. During the first year of the plan, the stakeholders will buy all the major equipment. The cost will be to purchase and erect billboards and electronic boards, this will only occur during the first year. Informing all stakeholders on the plan will also cost the institution during the beginning only. Other activities will occur during the first year and the subsequent years too.

To purchase and erect various billboards and electronic billboards, the estimate cost will be about $10,000. The cost of informing all stakeholders on the plan will be about $1,000 approximately. The cost of producing posters in a year will be about $2,000. Paintings will cost $2,000The cost of the seminars and rallies will be approximately $30,000. The cost of forums will be about $10,000.

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On subsequent years, there will be no cost of billboards, electronic billboards, and informing the stakeholders. The cost on the paintings will reduce by 50% too. All the other costs will remain the same on the subsequent years.

Section 4: Responsibilities in Implementation of Plan and the Rollout Plan

The implementation of the plan will include the teachers, school administrators, parents, students, and the public in general. Each of the stakeholders in the plan will have a role to play in implementing the plan.

The school administration will be responsible for ensuring that the other stakeholders follow the plan to the letter. The school administration will inform all the other stakeholders of the plan. The administration will also manage the funds for the plan. The administration will organize rallies, seminars, and forums. Enforcing regulations will also be their work. The administration will manage the erection of the billboards.

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The teachers will be responsible in implementing the plan. The teachers will implement the rules set by the administration like supervision of people in the computer lab. The teachers will also teach the students about the contemporary issues affecting them. Another responsibility of the teachers is to attend seminars, rallies, and forums. The parent’s responsibilities will be to attend forums, seminars, and rallies. The parents will be involved in teaching and checking on their children too. The student’s responsibilities are to attend rallies, seminars, and forums. Students will also take part in writing contests (Kanaan, 2011). Students will report discouraged behaviors too. Some students will also organize some rallies and forums.

The first step of the plan is for the school administration to meet and discuss the plan. The administration will then call a meeting of all the stakeholders to discuss the issue. During the meeting, there will be an appointment of various committees to oversee the implementation of the plan. Each of the committee will have their own role. The various committees will be given time for organization. Once the organization of each committee is complete, there will be disbursement of funds to start their work.

Once there is implementation of the plan, it should take a few months to get the results. There will be a change in the behavior of the students. Behaviors associated with abuse of alcohol and substance will cease (Lowinson, 2005). Students should concentrate more in class, and take part in many of the school’s activities, for example sporting. There will be a general increase in the confidence of the students.

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Cases of students not doing their assignments will cease. Students will be more respectful to their teachers and parents too. After some few forums, different students will have confessions on how they were before and how the help from the plan. Lastly, there will be the general improvement in the performance of the students.

To improve schools today, parents, teachers, school administration, and the students themselves must take part. The first issue to consider is the contemporary issues that affect adolescents. Solving the issues will mark a big milestone in improving schools. The plan above will help address the problem producing results within some few months.

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