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Education is a process of learning that leads to knowledge which is not only restricted to what we learn in textbooks in school but also involve what is learn in contemporary life as one do his/her own chores. It is a continuous life process. Education goes beyond the walls of the school whereby the regular happening that happens around still educate us (Chambliss, pg 241). Without education, it would be much of a worthless life to the human being. The reason being, a well-educated person is capable of changing the world as he/she is capable of confidently confronting any challenge and make the right move to get a solution.

The importance of being educated

Making better citizen

Education is capable of making a worthy contribution to once life through making one responsible in life. This is through making one to realize his/her history and culture through accessing it through education and helping us to assimilate these values. Education is responsible of opening the person's minds and expanding his/her horizon (Gadzella, & Mustafa pg 99). It enables one to realize our duties and responsibility as citizen and to accomplish them. Therefore, an educated person will always be a good citizen.


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Ensure a productive future

Education will make person to b future oriented. This is because; a person who receives a god education will always get a secure life in future. This is because, education will bring along news skills and talents that increases productivity. Right training and education in most cases leads one into very competitive positions. Therefore, the importance of education is evident due to the number of achievements that one gets in life courtesy of its achievement.

Opening of new views

Contrary to what one views things initially before being educated, education is responsible of opening new vistas to individuals. It expands one outlook and offers us a virtue of being tolerant on the views of others. An educated person is capable of understanding different points of view than the one who is not educated (Guilherme, & John pg 569). This is because education has broadens once minds and offers a way forward for greater enlightenment which has been the ultimate goal for all the people in the world.

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Spreading of awareness

Education spread awareness that is a virtue in itself. Therefore, it informs us on our rights and the services that we have liable to access and how we are supposed to access them. Through education, we are able to differentiate right and wrong. Despite of the number of times that people compromise the right and wrong, right education will always come to their rescue and offer a solution.

Helps in decision-making

Making of decisions is part of our life.  Decision-making is an integral part in our daily life making it very important. The reason being, we have to make different decisions throughout our life. Sometimes, decision-making is a tough and challenging process that mostly leaves us wondering how to make the right choice (Brooks, & Glyn pg 240). Through education, this problem has been solved as it offers ability to give the right decision and prevent losses.

Bolster confidence

According to Rich, pg 35 an educated person is always confident. Education helps us to gain a positive outlook and allows us to believe in ourselves. Self believe is an essential trait in human being. Therefore, through education we are able to get it and lead us towards relying on ourselves that help us to be ready for any challenge in life.

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Habits that make education better

Within the my time of academic life either in school or out of school, I have realized that one can claim to be learning yet only to realize that the learning habit that one was applying makes him/her even more poor in education (Radestock, 25). Therefore, with time I have learnt that to be a successful student, I am supposed to have good learning habits. Some of the good learning habits that I have learnt are as follows.

First, it is not okay to learn too much at one time. This is because it will be tiresome and very ineffective. Therefore, it is always good to space the work over short period. Taking of short breaks restores once mental energy in preparation of more study. Time for studying should be specifically planned. To be properly educated, one has to ensure that anything that is related to schoolwork is well planned. Therefore, it is supposed to schedule specific time throughout the week for the study time.

It is advisable to acquire specific goals for the study time. Goals will help one away focused and to monitor one progress (Jesse, pg 54). It is therefore very important to have a clear goal on what to accomplish at the time of study. Study should be done when planned. It is very bad to procrastinate once study as this will not solve anything. This will instead make one rush on the issue at the last minute making one prone to carelessness and errors.

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Bad studying habits and how they can be solved

Bad environment

Study that is being done in a poor environment is prone to ruining once quality time. Some of the environmental habits that hamper good studying include unfavorable temperatures, uncomfortable chairs and desk as well as poor studying room that may be close to noisy places among other disturbances (Bancroft, 54). To eradicate poor environment, it is advisable to test different position until the best one is eventually found. Change the place of study to the most favorite.

Too much music

Loud music is termed as noise. It interferes with the brain ability to comprehend new information. It also distracts one from focusing on the materials at hand.

To fix this, softer music is preferable that should not be changed now and then to avoid distraction. The sound should be kept low and constant throughout.

Studying with friends

Though sometime it is fun, this may make one lose quality-studying time through much socialization. This can be fixed through finding a good studying group that will help one attain once goals.

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Some of the people are capable of multitasking. Otherwise, this can be only better on daily tasks. Nevertheless, when it comes to studying one may not retain much of the materials when multitasking.

To fix this, one is supposed to have a good plan for everything else and have specific time to study. During study, one is supposed to focus purely on studying alone. Avoid such mannerisms as eating drinking and chewing when studying as these will disrupt once coordination (Jesse, pg 35).

Impact of education in my life

From the skills that I have learnt through my education, I capable of going through the many life challenges of life with ease. This is through the confidence that education has offered in my life. Before I came to learn different things in life, I was very shy to deal with challenges. Nevertheless, I saw a more bright future due the knowledge that has been impacted on by different education that I have undergone. Apart from the education that I have learned in school, I have intermingled with different people who have been of much help to me.

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This makes me able to set 'smart' goals in life. These goals propel me on daily basis, thus, having a clear vision of what I need to attain in my future. Socially, education has made it upright. This is through making me be sensible of other people's opinion and teaching me ethics that if followed will ensure that I am able to differentiate between good from bad. Therefore, I am capable of relating well with the environment around me. This makes me to be much different than if I was not educated.



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