Importance of Science Education in the 21st Century

As soon as we open our eyes the first thing we see is a world filled with scientific wonders that shape up everything we do in our lives. The natural world and the manmade world both are incumbent with the beauty of science. What is science really? The simplest example of science is the human body and the most complex one is the man-made machinery. No one can deny the importance of science. How can one survive in a world that is a slave of systems, chains and processes that can not be coped up with unless understood truly? How does one perform affectively in an environment unless he learns and adapts to the procedures and the systems embedded in that environment. So how can one survive on Earth, without knowing what natural science has bestowed on us and what the intellect of man in the form of scientific discoveries and inventions have paved way for? Learning Science, thus, is truly essential for every person, to understand the world around him, to discover new elements and aspects of the world, to find ways to sustain the world and its natural beauty and essence and to enhance and improve the life as we know it for the future to come.

Ever since man has embarked on the mission to understand the natural world, he has never stopped growing as a person, as a scientist and as a revolutionary. The curiosity and urge to find the edge of the world led to the discovery of the spherical shape of the Earth by the Vikings and the early voyages. The same were the early voyages that led to the formation of many countries that are successfully growing as of today, such as the United States of America. Studying an apple falling down from the tree triggered the discovery of gravity. Such discoveries which further led to the invention of electricity, telephone, computer, internet and so on. How else could these revolutionary inventions have been made unless gravity, atoms, electrons, mass, weight, currents, etc were not understood?But why restrict the world of science to natural and technical aspects, as science is in almost everything around us and in all parts of education. Science is in business, psychology of the minds, medical procedures, and everywhere where systems and procedures matter. Apart from the discoveries of the moon and the gravity, medical discoveries and inventions owing to the great scientists have radically changed the world in the past and are still changing. If it was not for science, we would be still be dying of a simple case of influenza or seeing rats roaming around in the dirty streets of Paris, which is now a beautiful city that has advance sanitary systems.

We can’t, thus, escape from the fact that science has over the history only improved our lives for the better. Although, there are some negative consequences that technological advancements have brought, such as the destruction of trees and the clean air. But at the same time, it has given us medical solutions for our previously fatal diseases, and if led to destruction of the natural resources, then is also allowing us to figure out ways to sustain them. This makes studying science even more important for us and the future generations to understand nature to fully appreciate it and come up with ways to prevent any threat and negative affect on their natural states.

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