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Describe how you will use your Purdue education to achieve your personal and professional goals

Purdue University is a well renowned institution of high learning which has high reputation in terms of the quality of education they offer. In addition, the University has a suitable environment for students to undertake their academic activities. For instance, the university’s facilities such as libraries, lecture halls, recreation and leisure amenities among others are considered to be the best compared to facilities in other institutions of high learning (Siddiqui & Bender, 2011). On this note, the University education will indeed help me to achieve my dream career through various ways. Accordingly, the education I receive from Purdue University plays a critical role towards the achievement of both my personal and professional objectives in a number of ways. First, Purdue education has instilled confidence in me regarding the future thereby preparing me psychologically on and mentally for a bright future. This will influence my personal objectives as well as professional goals positively. Confidence is an important aspect that enables an individual to live without fear of the future. Second, I will use Purdue education to integrate and socialize with other students, especially international students. This would facilitate cooperation in future. Moreover, I would be able to learn different cultures of people as well as get a chance to involve myself in various social works. Consequently, this would have a great impact on my personality in terms of improving my communication skills as well dealing with people of different cultural background. Lastly, I will use Purdue education to strengthen my professionalism, by using the resources and the available facilities more effectively. In this respect, I will use the professors and other teaching staff to my advantage. Also, I will use the library more effectively to do more research in order to obtain more knowledge of my profession. Subsequently, I would graduate with not only a graduate degree, but also more knowledge in my field of specialization.



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