Gathering Business Requirements

Problem statement

There are issues in the current system that is used for tracking work and following up the client. The current system shows scanty information about the orders. There are issues which are important like the employee which was assigned to a particular work, the time that employee is supposed to work, the value of the work and the real owner of the apartment that the work is being done (Irani, 2008). Good systems give a holistic description of the work so that there is no need for different systems to be created that will gather the other requirements like customer information. The main things that are lacking in the system concern the fact that the costing is not captured and also that all aspects of the system are not taken care of.

Business requirements

The system for the work order will need to have the following business requirements:

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1. Data mining capabilities that will enable the managers to make certain decisions.

2. There is need to capture most client information - all information concerning the client should be captured. Given the nature of the work, that is electrical installation, it is important to know the ownership of the apartment and the occupant. this will help in billing the

3. We need to capture the employee information especially their level of competence and the work they have done in a day. This will help to calculate overtime hours.

4. Employees working on a project should be able to update the progress of the work they are doing and this should be reflected in the system. This will help the operations manager to allocate workers work and know the status of the work in the field.

5. The cost of the project should also be captured. This will help in calculating the profits that are expected to be got from the project.

6. Parts required should also be captured in the system. We should be able to know which parts are required for the project. It will help in ordering and making sure that commonly used parts are in stock.

7. Billing should be clearly defined in the system so that we don't have to use email to bill the clients. There should be the development of web-based system in future so that the clients can access the bill online. For now, the billing will be standalone.

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8. The budget and all the stock should be captured in the system. The operations department should be allowed to get updates and information concerning the spending and the hazardous materials that are there.

Requirements that might be required

1. Meter reading is not so much necessary but might be helpful in situations where there was a blow in the apartment being fixed. It will be important to know if the blow was because of tampering with the meter reading.

2. There is need to capture meter registration number. There are some situations where the client might be required to authenticate the ownership of the meter. There are instances where the electrical power authorities need permits for someone to access electrical installations in some premises. This may be when installation is done to corporate clients.

3. Information on Former employee or electrician who dealt with the fault may also be required. This information will help the person currently dealing with the fault to learn more on the best approach. This is not required for the fault to be corrected.

Questions that were marginal

Gene: What is a project?

Me: Hi Gene, are you planning to go to the big SU football on Saturday?

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Me: Gene what kinds of problems are you having that I can help you with?

Gene: What do you mean?

Questions I should have asked

  1. What does your current system do?
  2. In what areas do you need improvements?
  3. Do you need web-based capabilities?
  4. Does your system help in decision making?
  5. How do you inform the client on the billing that has been made?
  6. How do you assign tasks to employees?
  7. How are your employee competence rated? Or do your employees have the same qualifications?
  8. How do you track the status of work by employees?
  9. Do you require other departments to get the information and the tracking? Or better still, do you require ERP system?
  10. What is the level of computer literacy of your staff?
  11. When do you want the project completed?

Follow steps to take

  1. Get the technical requirements. Know the programming languages, the database, and the interface design to be used (Coleman, 2006).
  2. Discuss on the requirements and the requirements like hardware so that arrangement to purchase can start.
  3. Get proper communication concerning the budget
  4. Confirm if the requirements for the project has been done

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