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Business in a Totalitarian Government


A totalitarian government is an autocracy. Its purpose is to involve itself in all aspects of its citizen's lives. This will include a variety of aspects in the society. These are the economic, political, social, and even religious beliefs that govern the society. This result is the blur of the line between the state and the citizen. They become one and the obligation of the individual to the state becomes more valuable than even their individual well-being.

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A dictator ship consumes the life of its citizens for an ideal. This is usually a personal goal. Doing business with a country such as this one is quite risky. At the least, it will strain your moral fabric. According Kelsen (2007), it would not be such a wise decision. The government will dictate the terms of how the business runs and to what extent the profits will reach the businessperson. The businessperson may have to forgo any moral obligation attached to his/her business.

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The punch line is that if that person makes one wrong move they may land inside a jail cell, while the government takes over the venture. On the other hand, one could take a few precautions. The first is to get to know the power structure of the government and act according to it. That means preparing to placate that needs to be placated in that structure and evaluating the cost. Then lastly, know when to stop. If a person exceeds more than needed they will be in over their heads (Fraenkel, Shils and Lowenstein, 2006).


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Therefore, there are two sides. It could be immensely profitable but also potential dangerous for the businessperson involved. It is a cat and mouse game. One needs to watch how much they play with fire. In the end, a person needs to judge the risk then decide whether it is worthy or not.

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