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Creative and Reflective Business

In the study of creative and reflective business is one of the modules that is very important to a business student due to a number of reasons. The module makes students understand higher education and prepares them for working in an academic setting. Students are given subject oriented strategies that they need to be successful in their studies. The module acts as a tool for developing reflective practices and the concept of continual professional growth. The topics teach a student how to develop a personal development portfolio it also introduces researching material from a wide variety of sources. Students taking this module are assisted to clearly evaluate and use research creativity to contemporary business issues such as sustainability through the use of activities and case studies. From all this the student will be able to develop academically, in his interpersonal skills and also in his study skills.

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By the end of the module that was learnt through weekly lectures and online lectures to help students improve on their IT skills, weekly in-class classes encouraged students to engage with each other with introduction of group works to help them work together and learn from each other. Group works were presented in class and this enabled them to learn confidence skills. The module had its fair share of hardships with incorporative group members one of the understanding the resources among others. With these challenges opportunities arose from them as the group found ways to work out their differences and brought members together. Leadership skills were also natured with emergence of group heads who took the group forward.

By the end of the module the student would develop self awareness, ability of knowing ones strength  and weaknesses and being capable of avoiding the influence of others through effectively challenging others opinion and reflecting on action. Graduates will be able to make use of feedback and plan and follow through a continuous professional plan of development within an academic or a vocal environment. Honors' students can represent his ability with confidence and self esteem and being able to respond to challenges about his abilities in a professional manner. This graduate will be able to take responsibility of his work and be able to criticize it (CHEN, 1999).

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The graduate will be able to work through problems making creative and purposeful change and adaptation with an awareness of ethical and moral code and demonstrate integrity of conduct. Honors students will be confident in identifying and defining complex problems and the application of the right knowledge and their solution. The graduate is also aware of his personal responsibility and professional code of conduct and is able to add a critical dimension in a complex unpredictable context where problem solving requires creativity change and adaptation with respect to cultural diversity (Briesmeister, 2007).

An effective group is one with the correct synergy that allows not only the group to emerge as the winner but also each individual member to benefit from its activity, the key to choosing a good group is joining a group of people that the members ability lie around the same level. This helps the members to build on each other rather than joining a group that the members are of different abilities some are going to be slower and others may fill used due to low contributions. The other key factor to choosing a good group is choosing people with a different skill; the essence of group work is to share knowledge and help each other hence there is no need to join a group where all the members are all talented in one specific area. It's also good to join a group where the members are comfortable with each other so they can feel free to contribute to topics. The members should also have the will to help each other by motivating one another rather than shouting others down. The key to choosing a good group is to identify the group that the members have the will to learn and have the patience to listen to others and try listening to their argument then discussing it among the group members. In a good group the members respect each other hence avoid wasting time since they understand that are their to learn. The group should be purpose driven and should have a set goal they would want to achieve at the end of the meeting (Britton, 2010).

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Group work by groups can be used to evaluate the group's performance. In group work the team should first identify a leader who will guide them through the work. The leader should assign all group members tasks in the criteria of their abilities and each member must participate. The team should set deadlines to ensure that they that they don't procrastinate their work. The role of team leader can be rotated to ensure that the confidence of each member and his leadership ability are busted. The members should also allocate them self a break to talk and bond with each other. This is mainly to ensure the members are free with each other. This should also be checked so as not to loose discipline when the members and looses focus of the groups agenda.

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