Contract Negotiation Skills


Negotiation is a state of affairs whereby different parties to an argument are involved in consensus building.  For instance, in commerce, negotiation occurs between a bank and the client over the advancement of a loan.

In this regard, therefore, contract negotiation is the entering into a written agreement either in person or as a group primarily for business matters. For instance, employers enter into contract negotiations to iron out issue on salary and other job terms and conditions.  Contract negotiation is a strategy aimed at reducing conflicts in the job environment (Garrett, 2005, p.6).

Knowledge and skills critical for the success of a contract negotiator

Garrett (2005, p. 13) asserts that although scholars have argued that negotiators are born, the higher number of negotiator skills are erudite. Communication skills are vital for the realization of a good contract. A contract negotiator should be well versed with his or her spoken and written English or any other language being used in the negotiation process. In light of this, information flow becomes easier creating room for feedback.  Additionally, good communication skills should be accompanied by great personal attributes such as courtesy, kindness and good use of language. For instance, the use of vulgar language has been detrimental to the success of many a contract negotiation process. Courtesy ensures that the negotiation process is peaceful and respect is upheld. In the negotiation table, there are different members of the society, such as old men, thus the use of courteous words is more likely than not to result into a win-win situation for both parties to the contract. Besides, significant analysis should be put on non verbal communication, for example the application of gestures in speech to pass across information. It depicts the seriousness of the issue at hand.

According to McIntyre (2006) an effective contract negotiator should adequately prepare himself or herself before the ideal date of negotiations. This involves putting together facts about the subject object of the negotiations date to avert shock or misconceptions at the negotiation table. For instance, the negotiator must be well informed about the issue, its history, its repercussions and the way forward. By having such information, he/she will be ready to tackle the matter with confidence and certainty (p.21).

Strategy an effective negotiator should consider achieving a more favorable contract


In a world where individuals have resorted to be jacks of all trades and a master of none, problems have continued to escalate due to poor or incoherent problem solving techniques. In this regard, an effective negotiator should ensure the participation of other stakeholders in the negotiation table. This is because a contract negotiator is not necessarily equipped with the issues in discussion, thus the involvement of other individuals and more so the experts on the subject in contention should be the ideal logic behind a successful negotiation platform. Such a strategy is driven by the old saying "two heads are better than one".

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On the other hand the negotiator's team should adequately arm themselves with data and facts to propagate their concerns. This involves the laying down of critical issues to be discussed with prior knowledge of the bone of contentions. For instance if the negotiator is headed for business negotiations, he or she should be competent enough with the business related logistics. 

Of importance will be to effectively get accustomed with the market demands and fluctuations. Moreover, in the case of a contract negotiation between an employer and his employee, the negotiator should be well informed about the technicalities that go hand in hand with employment.  Additionally, the contract negotiator should assemble a team of individuals with expertise in the area of discussion. For example, include doctors in your team if the issue under discussion is medical related (McIntyre, 2006, p.35).

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