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For any business to prosper, it must put into consideration many aspects, one of them being the plight of other members of the public. In most cases, such people play a vital role in ensuring that business survives and grows constantly, despite the stiff outstanding competitions in the markets. Talking about other people's plight, it generally implies to prioritizing their welfare that will in turn facilitate mutual existence between the two parties. Mike Rios therefore elaborates such important ideas in the video," Sunday, Bloody Sunday." This gentleman has used Sunday as a symbolic day representing grief. In most cases, grieves are brought about by quarrels which might eventually result in fights. Depending on the intensity of such fights, there is usually blood sheds, thus explaining more on why the song writer chose the topic," Sunday, bloody Sunday."

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In the event of skirmishes, children are not the exception. They too become victims of violence despite their innocence. Property is lost and also many people stand high chances of losing their lives. However, the situation of fights can be easily manned as explained in the video. According to Mike Rios, coming together as one and solving problems together contributes much in countering the possible quarrels. When a brotherly environment is created, it implies that people will present their views freely and also air their grievances, which will in turn be articulated within the shortest time possible. In essence, without unity, many things are torn apart.

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In the parable of the Sadhu, we come across an Indian Holy man as explained by McCoy.  As they climbed the Himalayan slope, they came across this old man, almost naked. Keeping in mind the prevailing climatic conditions in the slopy area, it is quite obvious that this old man must have suffered. From a brotherly affection, McCoy and his friends helped the holy man by wrapping him with warm clothes. They further showed him the direction that could lead him to his home place within the shortest time possible.

Despite the little help they had offered to the old man, McCoy was not convinced about how mankind treats their counterparts especially when in need. He therefore came with a conclusion that we as human beings have a habit of passing the buck to others instead of fully accomplishing what you started. Had they been such kind enough, they would have guided the old man up to his destination, keeping in mind the current conditions he was in. their failure to do this therefore kept them doubting whether the old Indian arrived safely at his destination or not.

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Relating to businesses, McCoy concludes that dilemmas are often brought about by disagreeing parties. It is important to note that people in such parties are reasonable; otherwise there would be no dilemmas at all. Since dilemmas may be a major setback to any business whatsoever, it is therefore upon the managers to come up with strategies of handling them appropriately.

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