A Restaurant of My Dreams

Restaurant idea

The objective of this project is a restaurant whose location is a seaside city. The restaurant itself will have a seaside view to appeal to the concept of eating out, for it will have an outdoor section adjacent to the sea. The indoor section will provide for the dining area and kitchen. The restaurant will also be close to the central business district. Thus, the back section will have a patio to appeal to customers that do not have a taste for the sea, but still want to experience the sensation of eating outdoors. So the sea will provide the traditional Mediterranean Greek ambience and the city section will give the elegant ambience. The atmosphere of the restaurant, therefore, will be fun, casual on the seaside, elegant, and romantic on the city side. The menu will feature Greek cuisine of course as well as American, Mediterranean, French, and Middle Eastern. There will be thus as many organic, grown products as possible, prepared and presented by highly qualified and trained staff.

Now for this project, budget is 300 million dollars. Thus, money is not an object but the budget should be taken into consideration. The reader should consider the cost of buying real estate so close to the sea and yet in a city business district. This is not an easy feat.

Target Market

The plan is to service the tourist elite (Greeks) in this case and give them a little feeling of the home that they miss. The market will also include city dwellers that are yearning for exotic service while looking for a little sun while they are at it. The Greek tourists will appreciate the home feeling, and the rest appreciate the exotic experience. The city side will target the young couples and business elite. The business elite will appreciate the elegant ambience. It will provide a pleasant atmosphere for meetings held way from the office and the romantic atmosphere given by the outdoor city patio will appeal to the young couples. The clientele will include families looking for an activity to do on the weekends together. This could be anything from a private birthday party to a full on get together complete with extended family. It could also entail a family dinner in the dining area or on the seaside.

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The menu will focus on full lunch service during the late morning and afternoon this will consist of brunch. The evenings will focus on drinks and desserts with supper. We will buy as much of the produce from local farms as possible. We will procure the seafood from nearby fishing docks through contract, and we will buy the eggs from local farmers. In short, all or most of the tenders will go to handpicked suppliers because freshness and quality will be paramount. The suppliers will go through a rigorous selection process. This is to show that they meet standards of sanitation and safety.

The menu will change according to season, but there will be room for customers to choose from the menus themselves. This will be according to the cuisine that guests have chosen. This will include breads baked on site, a variety of fruits and yoghurts, cheeses, meats, sweets, and wines. We will offer tarts, as well as specials on Middle Eastern pastries like baklava. For the sea lovers, we will offer a variety of seafood's that will include specials on clam chowder, grilled octopus, and milkfish. There will be a variety of teas and fresh cocktails made from local fruits and alcohols. There will be nonalcoholic drinks for children and the other customers as an alternative.

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General Layout

If we consider the approximations of the size of real estate, the property will occupy taking into account the sea front area. The restaurant could handle approximately 60 guests effectively. This figure is tentative. It can increase or decrease depends on the day conditions. Now the decor styling will be modern Middle Eastern, which will be portrayed throughout most of the areas of the restaurant. It will follow that the indoor dining area will be quite spacious but with too-close tables. Therefore, there will be an alternative section for those who would prefer a more western sitting arrangement and this section will be in the basement. There will be vast use of faux-wood paneling as well as paper mats depending on customer preference. Middle Eastern pieces of art will grace the walls as well as veils. At this point, there are now four sections: outside patio overlooking the sea, indoor Middle Eastern section, basement western section and the outdoor patio facing the city.

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The bar will be at one end of each of the sections and will include beer, wine and spirits, as well as inventory, daily bar and storage for glassware. The floor as stated earlier will be faux wood panels. The kitchen will be in two sections: one on the ground floor, one in the basement. The one above ground will deal with the seafood's and the meats while the basement kitchen will handle the cheeses, breads and various orders that will need to be processed when customers order them beforehand. The kitchen, of course, will meet up to date standards of safety and sanitation. To help emphasize this point, there will be fire extinguishers, located in the kitchen, bar, lobby, and the hallway downstairs. All the food prepping areas and food contact surfaces will thus be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily. All restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily. Disposable paper air towels and warm air hand dryers will also furnish them (Walker 60). In accordance with the restaurant safety regulations, all food will be kept separately. This is to prevent cross contamination. This happens when food is exposed to other foods or potentially toxic items. This leads to spread of bacteria on it.

All food will have date labels on them to indicate when they arrived, their possible date of expiration and nutritional details. There will be a chronological sequence, in which the first items used, are the ones procured first. All food temperature will be kept in accordance with food safety regulations, of course. The employees will be subject to daily inspections before commencing work by their respective supervisors. This is in order to maintain hygienic standards. Their requirements include short nails, preferably without nail polish. These chemicals could seep into food.

The general layout, menu description, and target market have been elaborated, and this includes the safety regulations. These will be taken into effect in the running of the restaurant. The only section that is unaccounted for is the corporate section. This administration will oversee the business performance of the restaurant, with periodical advice from the board of governors. It has marketing and partnerships with other companies or investors. I intend to select a team of capable and experienced individuals to deal with the marketing, legal, and administrative section. There will foremost be a board of governors. This group of individuals will vet the hiring of individuals in the other departments. These individuals will pass an application and selection process. Then, the board of governors will interview these individuals. Subsequently, the prospective employees are selected, interviewed, and their personal backgrounds screened. Those who meet the criteria will be contacted to report to their various posts.

The board of governors will not have security of tenure. Individuals may be expelled from it at the discretion of the other members if they decide that it is in the best interest of the restaurant. However, higher-ranking personnel could dismiss junior personnel but on substantial and verifiable reason. This, although may only be effected if a member of the board is notified first; in paper for filing purposes, for future references, and to safeguard the restaurant from labor dispute that may call for legal attention.

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