Question 1

The team can be rated 3(Quite effective). The entire software development process is a large and complex process. MediSys Corp has divided the development process into teams each responsible for a certain part of the module. There is good communication through the various meetings organized weekly whereby updates are given to the teams regarding new developments or problems encountered in the software process.

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Question 2

The IntesCare is facing stiff competition from other companies in the same line of business. The competition makes MediSys to change the software approach they are used and introduce a "parallel approach" and also caused MediSys to allocate extra funds to fund the rapid development of the software. The team also allows the lead software developer (Dipesh Mukerjee) to outsource the design and development the software. This causes major delays since the lead developer is not readily available to give necessary updates to the other teams.

Question three

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MediSys Corporation has a president responsible for strategy and rapid growth while ensuring innovation is maintained. Under the president, there are five vice presidents who report directly to the president in Administration, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing, Production and Design and Engineering. Each of these departments at least two sub departments for unique functions during the software development life cycle. All the departments are supposed to liaise with one another during the development process.

Question four

The IntesCare team is focused on introducing new software to the market. The various project managers are concerned about meeting the various targets that are set out by MediSys.  Sometimes this brings about conflict as is experienced in the modular issue; one project manager thinks it should be introduced (for marketing purposes) and the other thinks it should not (so as to meet development deadline). This is a conflict in goals of each individual-Merz as the Marketing Manager believes that clients want modular design therefore increasing acceptability, whereas O'Brien is primarily concerned with the timeliness of the product.

Question five

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Merz should walk across and discuss the matter with O'Brien. She should then explain why she prefers the modular design and also get O'Brien's point of view. A trade off should then be made which will be on the basis of product delivery versus expected revenue. This should help in avoiding disorienting the entire team in what may come out as personal differences or lack of understanding.

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