Life-Extending Interventions to the Elderly

This is an issue of great debate, especially by one Dr Daniel Callahan. Who has written a controversial book about resource allocation in the western society.  Dr. Callahan warns about us not being able to give support to the policies. This is mainly because, the western population is ageing continuously; he argues that if we continue to develop the test and procedure that enable our skill at life extension. That's when terminal healthcare will become more expensive. People did not receive Dr. Callahan's view well, since people believe that anything that leads to the shortcomings of providing full medical care deserves to be rebuked. He continues to say, that it is a fact that not all can get a basic medical care since there are no enough resources.  Presence of high medical costs and unequal provision of services are determined by where you come from and your financial status. Dr Callahan on the professional level of being a nurse says that prolonging is worse than we think and certainly expensive to the elderly.

President Obama's new reforms of health care in the United States especially to the elderly, is unfair and full of discrimination. The elderly communities are the ones who got America to the position it is in today. The president's plan is to ration the health care system for the elderly and some disabled people. Whereas immigrants to the US get health care free of charge, our elderly have been paying for the health for long and they deserve better health care system. Unlike the immigrants who get free medical cover that they don't pay for, today there are about 100 million nationals, who believe congress will pass the health care system to remain the way it is and do away with the one 1000 page bill that hasn't been read by Washington. Most of them were saying healthcare at the elderly expense is unfair.

This issue is serious and concerns humanity and according to my own opinion towards this issue, I think the elderly should be let to live a comfortable life until God calls them. They are human just like us, even though they have enjoyed there lives. It is inappropriate to ration there health, just because of in the name of wasting resources because they are elderly. Our elderly are precious and should be treated well, since one day we are also going to be in the same age bracket we should treat them as the way we wish to be treated when we reach the same age. I also disagree with Dr. Callahan, who says that the cost of medical services will rise when the elderly are concentrated on so much. This is untrue and even though it happens they are not to be neglected for they are human and deserve to live.

Dr. Daniel Callahan in his book opposes life extending intervention to the elderly saying that if we continue to develop the test and procedure that enable our skill at life extension, terminal health care will be more expensive. And many other views which he thinks healthcare t the expense of the elderly will cause. President Obama also introduces reforms of the health care to the elderly and disabled which is highly criticized. The reform highly disadvantages the elderly community, since there health care system will be rationed unlike immigrants who will be receiving medical services free of charge.

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