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In writing, the opener is a critical standpoint for your reader. A good opener provides a momentum, focus, confidence and an extra incentive that will make your piece of writing worth reading. It should be noted that readers in most cases tend to look for a piece of excuse in order to switch off from reading. Their interest must therefore be taken into consideration by using anticipation and empathy to counter challenges faced in each sentence.

A reader must be made to feel the urgency involved in a piece of writing by avoiding confusing sentences, repetition, verbosity and pretention but offering analogies and using living voice. Writing focuses on the opener since it captures the reader's attention and gives them the energy to read on.

The principal goal of writing is communication and thus what is not plainly stated would be misconstrued invariably by the reader. In that case, writers only needs four to five sentences to prove themselves since readers only give them only five to four sentences to prove whether the piece is worth a hearing. The opener should include good thesis which is clear, boldly written and one that is interesting. Thesis statement should argue itself with its built-in and forward thrust.

The opener directs how the rest of the piece would be written. One has to realise that an essay is as good as its thesis statement and that the first four sentences are delightful challenge. The opener is discrete and with it's openness it is like a house which has to be entered from the front door. If this is not possible, the opening paragraph should be written with the biggest punch or the strongest statement at the end. Writing should be focused on the opener since it captures the reader's attention and gives them the energy to read on.



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