Sexual Desire

Question 1

Many beliefs have indicated that both male and female should reach orgasm at the same time, failure to which the partner, who does not, deemed as never able to reach orgasm. This can be seen from such researches as the Masters and Johnson’s, which argue that the sexual response cycle is similar and follows a pattern of four stages in both male and female. These stages include the Excitement stage (initial arousal), plateau phase (full arousal), Orgasm and finally Resolution stage.  This is not so because due to several other reasons such as cultural perspective, where one partner has a certain belief concerning the sexual activity. This may make one of them especially the female, not reach orgasm as the partner. There are also other reasons that lead to this, such as, experience in sexual intercourse, which may make, the female partner not reach organism the same time (Fulbright, 2003).

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The size of the penis of the man may also not be long enough to reach the clitoris area of the female partner, hence not stimulating the female to clitoral orgasm. This is according to a research conducted by Dr.Gail Saltz who argued that most women achieve orgasm only after direct clitoral stimulation.

Question 2

Sexual desire usually occurs due to different components, one such being biological. This is due to the level of hormones such as testosterone believed to increase the sexual desire. Recent research, is showing that hormonal contraception methods like pills, which, rely on estrogen and progesterone, cause low sexual desire in females by increasing levels of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which  renders sex hormones like testosterone unavailable.

Human sexual desire also known as libido or sex drive, and it is part of a human’s sexuality, varies from one person to another also depending on circumstances of a certain time. According to Masters and Johnson researchers in the nature of human sexual response, the human sexual cycle starts from excitement stage while, in the real sense, sexual drive starts before sex itself. There is, therefore, need for sexual desire inclusion in their model.

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The human sexual response cycle of the two researchers consists of four stages, which include excitement stage (initial arousal), plateau phase (full arousal), Orgasm, and finally Resolution stage. Masters and Johnson's, argue that this cycle is similar to everyone, but I differ with them because sexual response cycle also takes place in individuals depending on cultural perspectives of sex and past experiences. Shere Hite, a researcher also criticized Masters and Johnson’s model.

Question 3

Penis size is the measured length and width of a human penis. The size varies according to when the measurement took place depending on arousal level, room temperature, time of day and the level of sexual activity. In most cases, many people especially men do not like the idea of discussing the penis size. This is so because they tend to believe that it is a personal matter, and they feel that women who mind the size may reject them or even make fun of them. There are several myths/ beliefs on penis size discussed (LeVay, 2006).

Penis size can be predicted by foot size: many people tend to believe that the sizes of a man’s foot or shoe represent his size, but several studies conducted   have dispelled this rule. A statistical significant correlation between the two took place, and none found, therefore, a conclusion of that myth was that there is no scientific basis. The size of a penis predicted by a man’s index finger or hand size is yet another belief or myth. In a study conducted in the year 2007, a correlation between the two existed. However, much larger studies would need to be carried out thoroughly to verify these findings (Sue, 2008).

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Another belief is that the jewish men have a penis size differing from the normal size. However, a study conducted in the year 1996 from Soroka Medical Center, the penis size of 570 full term babies 221 being Jewish and 390 being Bedouins, and no difference detected.

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