Animal Testing

There is great need for research in science and medicine but this does not justify needless cruelty and wholesale slaughter of animals. The act of involving animals in unethical activities for entertainment purposes should not be allowed to continue.  Activities such as bullfighting, chicken fighting should cease. Massive slaughtering of animals for clothing materials should also cease.  With the progress, both ethically and scientifically, there should be no more animal test subjects. To continue misusing animals is both immoral and impractical, and animal experimentation should cease as soon as possible.

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As the scientists struggle to find alternatives to animal testing, the best thing that researchers can is to reduce the number of animals used for testing. Nevertheless, it is hard to eliminate animal testing but doctors can start using new scanning technologies like magnetic Resonance Imaging, which can help them study diseases from human patients without the actual requirement for animal experimentation.

Computer models can be used to devise the reaction of a drug to an animal; as a result, it will eliminate the need for live animal experimentations. The enhancement in the extensive use of substitutes to animal experimentation will steadily gain momentum as people become increasingly aware about the problem. However, all that we can do now is decrease the amount of animals harmed in these experiments aimed at benefiting society. In addition, consumers can inhibit the unnecessary animal testing by boycotting some products that result to massive slaughter of animals.

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