According to scientists, evolution is the process through which various organisms are thought to have gone through gradual development from their earlier forms(Ridley). Also, some scientists define evolution as the change in the population genetic composition through successive generations due to natural selection that act on the genetic variation amid individuals, leading to the development of new species(National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)). From a long time ago, the issue of evolution has generated diverse ideas from different scientists and philosophers across the world. Many scientists differ in their understanding of revolution; some scientists believe on evolution while other scientists do not believe on it. As a result of these differences, many scientists have come up with diverse ideas, some supporting the findings of the earlier scientists while others criticize the findings of evolution researches that got carried out a long time ago. For example, some scientists believe on the findings of Charles Darwin on evolution.

On the other hand, some scientists do not believe in Charles Darwin's findings on evolution, and they believe that there is no enough evidence to justify his findings. The differing ideas among scientist confuse ordinary people since they cannot know whether to believe creation scientists of evolution scientists. Some believe on account of origin of mankind and universe in the Book of Genesis while others believe on evolution as their origin(Loxton). Although evolution scientists have tried to present evidence to justify their argument, some people still oppose evolution.

In evolution, the origin of man has for a long time been highly controversial issues among different scientists in the contemporary society. This is because, various scientists have different theories related to man’s inhabitancy on earth. Numerous disagreements among scientists occur because scientists possess diverse beliefs related to where and how mankind began. One of the major arguments on the issue of evolution is the disagreement between creation scientists and evolution scientists. This is because they do not agree on some issues about the origin of mankind. As a matter of fact, contradicting ideas among different scientists may be contributed by the religious believes of different scientists across the world. Scientist who had strong religious beliefs, believed on creation, as indicated in the accounts from the book of Genesis in the Bible. Information from this books described how God created the universe and introduced life to the universe. As a result, creation scientists believed strongly that all man and other living organisms got created by God. Therefore, they opposed the possibilities of evolution of mankind contrary to what evolutionary scientists believe.

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On the other hand, some scientists who believed on evolution opposed the believes of creation scientists. This is because they were able to observe various signs of evolution taking place. Despite the history of creation from the Book of genesis in the Bible, evolutionary scientists still believe that evolution took place and still continues. Some of the evolutionary scientists who came after Charles Darwin still used his findings to justify the existence of evolution. The main reason why these scientists supported the findings of Charles Darwin is because they believed that, in his research, he had provided concrete evidence to justify the existence of evolution.

Evolution scientists describe the evolution as multifaceted processes by which all living organisms originated on earth, modified and diversified through continued changes in their form and function(Coyne). Through their endeavors in looking for an appropriate explanation to the origin of mankind and other organisms on earth, scientists created evolutionism theory. This theory provides answers to the questions asked about the similarities between different species. On the other hand, creation scientists believe that the complexities of both life and various species can simply be explained with regard to a supernatural creator believed to have placed life on earth. Although there are various observations that can support the theory of evolution as an explanation of both similarities and disparity between different species, many differences in opinions still exist between scientists.

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Both creation scientists and evolution scientists have the same evidence, but the differences arise as a result of presuppositions used by scientists in interpreting that evidence; they base all their reasoning on presuppositions(Cartwright). For instance, creational scientists start by assuming that the Bible presents the most accurate evidence on the history of the universe as a foundation for scientific thought. On the other hand, evolution scientists, start with the presupposition that, in explaining the facts about the origin of mankind, only natural laws can be used. Different facts subsist in the present, and people’s interpretations involve an attempt to try to connect the past facts to the present. Evolution scientists make assumptions on everything about the past, while creation scientists have the Bible that can give precious insights about the past. This means that everyone may have the same evidence, but it gets interpreted in different ways.

Many years ago, Charles Darwin who is one of the most renowned scientist in the world, developed the Theory of Evolution referred as Natural Selection. Charles Darwin developed this theory much before most evidence for the theory subsisted. This scientist observed the micro-evolution practiced by pigeon breeders, and this was the evidence on the Islands of Galapagos and other places, and he arrived into a conclusion that evolution happened to be the only explanation that was sensible(Patterson). From his observations, he concluded that related species would be found in proximity, and this was the evidence from single parent species. According to Charles Darwin, the fossil records present a concrete evidence of evolution over many centuries ago. In his view on evolution Charles Darwin quoted that “not the most intelligent or strongest species of organisms that survive, but the most adaptable to change do survive.” Although other scientists have diverse theories of evolution, only few scientists opposed evolution.

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In the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin provided a lot of information on the natural world where he and other scientists had observed or gathered their data. Through his data, Charles Darwin was able to prove that evolution exists(Timothy H. Goldsmith). Additionally, the evidence that he provided to justify his findings about evolution, made many scientists across the world believe that evolution was real. Even in the current world, many scientists still believe on evolution basing their facts on the evidence provided by Charles Darwin in the theory of evolution. On the other hand, some scientists especially creation scientists opposed the theory of evolution because they believe on the existence of super natural power as the source of mankind origin. Creation scientists attack the theory of evolution at any opportunity.

According to the evolutionary scientists, creation scientists rely on exposing the weaknesses in evolution theory rather than showing the strengths on their personal beliefs. According to evolutionary scientists, creation scientists in many cases do not have interest scientific facts and theories. Additionally, evolutionary scientists still believe that the interest of creation scientists is defending their religious faith against what they perceive to be attacks on God’s word.

Despite the mounting pressure, by evolutionally scientists to convince people to accept evolution, many experience and highly intelligent scientists always dismiss evolution either privately or publicly. These scientists perceive evolution as unlikely and impossible. Most of these scientists are always believed on creation as the origin of mankind, and they dismiss evolution terming it as untrue. Many of these scientists who are creation scientists oppose the Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, and they believe this theory lack clear evidence to prove the occurrence of evolution on various living organisms.

Other than Charles Darwin, other scientists also take part in finding information about evolution, for example, at the start of 1800s some scientists knew some types of fossils and they were able to know the homologous and vestigial structures that provided some information to prove the existence of evolution in the universe(McKinney). They suspected various kinds of evolutions that had taken place to the living organisms in the surrounding environment. However, these scientists lacked a unifying theory of helping them in explaining how the evolution process occurred on various living things. Some of these scientists included Jean Lamarck who happened to be the first scientists to study evolution, and then followed by Charles Darwin. Currently, many scientists still support the findings of Charles Darwin on evolution.

Creation scientists believe the stories in the Book of Genesis about creation are true stories of the origin of earth and life in the universe. The believes of creation scientists contradicts with the believes of evolution scientists since they do not believe on the accounts from the Book of genesis on the origin of the universe and mankind. Creation scientists strongly oppose the evolution theories on the origin of mankind. Evolution scientists have tried to prove them wrong for many times by challenging their believes with concrete evidence to justify the existence of evolution.

Although creation scientists have been proved wrong many times by the evolution scientists, they still maintain their believes on the origin of mankind, and they do not believe in evolution. Additionally, creation scientists believe that evolution scientists are wrong in associating the origin on mankind with evolution. On the other hand, evolution scientists believe that the information provided by the creation scientists on the origin of man is false because they have no evidence to justify their claims. Therefore, it is evident that the major differences among scientists can be contributed by their religious beliefs.

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