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The Big Bang theory is a dominating cosmological model that tries to explain the early universe development. Discoveries in physics and astronomy have shown beyond any reasonable doubt that the universe had a beginning. The universe, according to the Big Bang theory, was once in an extremely hot and dense state which rapidly expanded. The rapid expansion has caused the universe to cool, and this has resulted in its present state.

The Hall of the Universe is a permanent exhibition hall on the low level of the Rose Center that illustrates the extraordinary discoveries of the modern astrophysics. The exhibition tries to answer such questions as when and how the universe evolved into stars, galaxies, and planets. It also demonstrates how the atoms could have made the stars. It is designed in a rich interpretive manner. The Hall is a prominent site of hands-on, extensive educational programming, and interactive exhibits. All the exhibits explain origin that can be traced scientifically. The scientific discoveries help us to understand human lineage and environment in this vast universe.

I would recommend to a friend to study environmental history. It is extremely beneficial for developing knowledgeable and engaging citizens of a nation. Histories help us to analyze the political, social, and economic threads of the past. Environmental history emphasizes on the role of nature in shaping human affairs. Environmental historians study ways in which humans influence the environment and vice versa.

The exhibits in the biodiversity hall explain the development of the biosphere and offer a deep exploration of the many characteristics and dangers to biodiversity. In different ways organizations and individuals can work together to preserve the species of the world's ecosystems. This hall undertakes Museum’s efforts to inform the public about critical roles of biodiversity. The public become aware of the role biodiversity performs in supporting life as well as the ecological crisis that exists today.



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