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Andrew Jackson Downing

Andrew Jackson Downing (1815-1852) was a renowned architect and writer of his time; and his architectural work has been appreciated since his introduction to this day. The impeccable elegance of his villa that stood above Hudson River in the garden that was below it made his architectural and creative designs unrivalled in the 19th century. The design of this villa displayed his magnetic personality that led to his appreciation throughout America and Europe, at large. His designs were marveled throughout the world till their demolition later.

Downing’s design of his villa was a pleasant and admirable one with the numerous people coming to see, admire and even imitate the design and creativity of it. It outdid the earlier perceptions by Americans that maximum elegance laid in a columned temple due to the many implications it had had on the American architect development. His outlook did not largely focus on the main house alone but also on the surrounding areas that he had even improved into the business and maintained its aesthetics. The design had many themes that had transformed America’s overall design and largely improved the rural lives, especially for the rich who had to stand out in the population. The villa was situated outside the city and had a rural touch while at the same time keeping some urban values through its class and elegance. These designs have been inherited since that time and many villas today in a way attempt to copy Downing’s villa. This paper will seek to interpret the themes that Downing had targeted in his design for his villa and garden.



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