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Sustainable Architecture

Design with sustainability in mind leads to sustainable architecture especially in designing sustainable buildings. In this case, the ultimate goal is normally to reduce the collective impact on the environment at the time of producing building components during construction and the entire life cycle of a particular building. This kind of practice put more emphasis on efficiency of cooling and heating gadgets, onsite generation of power through the use of ground heat pumps, wind energy, solar technology, onsite management of waste (use of green roofs), aquifer recharge and desirable building sitting (Chris 2009, p.31). Actually, the ultimate goal in this is that a design should function without the use of any form of fossil fuel. These posses a great challenge to the planners and architect to work hard in putting in place designs that can work without any form of pollution instead of just reducing pollution. In relation to this, it is believed that in the verge to use design in creating sustainability in the environment, there would be creation of solar settlements, sun ship and buildings with no emissions.



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