Factious Experiment

Owing to the fact that Dr. Francis Funabola had diminutive success with regard to his previous experiment, it was not actually prudent for him to go ahead and undertake a more complex research. Furthermore, it was particularly wrong to continue with the same team that had previously failed to achieve the required expectations. The team itself was in actual sense made up of individuals who ought not to be trusted with a research of this magnitude.

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Furthermore, the team had an intern who had previously failed at the F.B.I. School and could thus not be trusted with any kind of research, more especially because she was still an intern, with little or no experience at all. Additionally, it was foolhardy for Dr. Funabola to undertake a scientific investigation for the purpose of showing the University of Homeland Security that he could come up with something substantial. This is a clear indication that he did not have the right intentions at heart, but instead had personal interests to gratify selfish ambitions.

It is also very clear that the good old Doctor was not prudent enough to follow instructions. In the written instructions, it is clear that the University clarified that any experiments that were to be carried out could only be done without the involvement of students. Since the proposed club was actually frequented by students, the Doctor was advised against the idea but was in full disregard of the advice. As a result, such a scientific experiment ought to be thrown out of the window because it did not abide by the laid down rules and regulations.

Another drawback of the whole process is the fact that in spite of the fact that the team was acting with strange disregard to the instructions, they went ahead with the project albeit with unwillingness. In any project that any team has to work on, the moment the team is reluctant to go ahead with the project, already it has began on the wrong foot and therefore cannot be expected to deliver any meaningful results.

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Furthermore, the situation was worsened by the mere fact that one member of the team, the chronic schizophrenic, decided to choose different products simply because the items did not cause him to hallucinate. Already, this was an indication that a team member had acted in prejudice. The results of any experiment cannot be trusted especially when a team member acts with biasness towards particular products. Eventually, it is most likely that the findings will not be independent.

Additionally, there was clearly a lack of commitment in the team since the female intern did not like to attend nightclubs. This basically means that she did the experiment reluctantly. Under such circumstances, the results of the experiment are likely to be prejudiced. By requiring more data on the experiment, Dr. Funabola did so just to impress the employees of the female intern, and not to genuinely produce meaningful scientific research.

As for the second experiment, the first drawback was connected to the fact that the devise was counterproductive, having ran out of fragrance. It could not thus be depended on to deliver credible results. The entire process was also affected by the fact that Sporks could not bear the mere mention of table spoons thus leading to a miserable mess. Dr. Funabola also worsened the situation by mentioning Bolsheviks thus leading to an unexpected fracas. It was therefore imprudent for Dr. Funabola to even imagine trying to publish such biased results in a respected scientific journal.

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How the Experiment Should Have Been Done

The experiment, being a critical one that deals with customers, should have been done with competent team members. This is because when a mistake such as the one that happened occurs, the business is at a risk of losing most of its customers. All parties including the University, customers and club officials were to be notified of the ongoing experiment. University rules regarding experiments should have been followed strictly by the team.  A pilot experiment should have also been performed to get response, before the real experiment is done.

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