The Typical Architecture

Liguria for a long time has been strategic site that feels as if the city is flowing due to its location and for this reason many architectures flow to make designs of buildings and structures. The interest of this location this is due to its geographic location of the coastal region in the North West of Italy.  This positioning brings about a delicate interplay of repetition, variation and incorporation of time and activity due to the fact that working differs in urban architecture. The ongoing dialogue of typology, architecture, landscape and response is an addition of the catalogue of potential of an effect known as “mat-building effects” in the new era architecture.

The typical architecture has a design towards the mat building effect whereby a system with various advanced functions designed in a mat like structure. The mat building concept in such a location enables a configuration on well designed buildings and structures. The main objective of architecture is works of art that continues to be lived on and thus making it diagrammatic and organizational.  In this concept, Buildings that look not similar get grouped together on the basis of common organizational strategies. The buildings follow certain significant spatial pattern to operate as field-like assemblage that gets established via the use of extended webs of connectivity forming by then ongoing intervals that define the potential depth of art-living methodology.

Conceptual vision

Landscape urbanism is a concept of urbanism in the field of architecture that involves the arrangement of a site in a well designed order by the architects in order to enhance the urban experience as it technically involves the theory of the capability to create urban effects conventionally achieved via the construction of buildings through the arrangement of horizontal surfaces.

The initial stage of creating the whole design with fragments distant in time and space and the results of such action interfere in the realization of the discontinuities that apparently is designed into the fabric of time and the space. They form a phenomenon known as “intervals”. It is not elements that get considerations but the potential depth: a beautiful relationship between the observer and the space. It is where your conscious visual experiences have a dialogue with the symphony of space. In general architecture, there are concepts that would work best for the designing of such a location that is in the coastal regions due to its topography, an advanced design is important due to reason that the site is likely to attract a lot of investments such as tourism and thus need for well designed building for economic purposes. These concepts intrinsically present the idea of the buildings in abstract rather than in the practical terms as this lends the design to assumption rather than in the practice mode. Theses concepts include such as the theme of surface, this is due to the fact that each and every location has a different design. Therefore, locations such as Liguria can not be designed with ideas such as of the horizontal and decentralized locations such as Los Angeles and Atlanta.  In this case, the landscape urbanism applies the territory and the potential of the territory which include the building of luxurious hotels or rental houses for visiting tourists. Second, the concept of the form that entails that Liguria being  a different segment of the cities in Italy  has to come up with a unique criteria of designing buildings and as well as structures.  The process in time is another vital concept that involves the idea of the phased construction projects based on the fact that many projects located in such sites as the Liguria projects habitually employ multiple phases of construction.



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