The Yellow Wallpaper

In this story, the narrator is a young mother suffering from depression and anxiety; she does not believe that her life is in danger even after being diagnosed with neurasthenia (Gilman 2). Her family members confined her to a nursery in their summer home and forbidden her from engaging in any creative work. Through her life, the narrator wanted to have a happy marriage and to make her husband happy. However, she is unable to create a balance between her husband’s needs and the urge to express her creativity.

The narrator secretly works on her diary in search of comfort from her lonely nature as well as inactivity in an attempt to follow the physician’s directives. In the course of these events, she gets solace in the yellow wallpaper used to cover the wall of the nursery in their home.

The narrator began to visualize some female figures ensnared behind the yellow wallpaper, and later she discovered that both of them, the figure and herself, were suffering from oppression and imprisonment. After getting preoccupied with the patterns of the wall paper, her desire is rekindled to become a perfect wife and a mother; she only thinks of how the figure in the yellow wall paper can be set free.

The author has increasingly made use of an incoherent stream of consciousness to illustrate the narrator’s increasing level of insanity as days passed by. However, she strove very hard to make herself free and to understand herself.

The story ends by the narrator having lost all the sense of reality, rejecting her role of a wife, a mother, and her sanity, as well. However, she ultimately concentrates on her personal desire to set the woman in the yellow wall paper free. All these events led to her deliberation and eventually set her free.



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