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The image shown is an advertisement for a brand of petroleum jelly called Nivea. The image includes a famous American idol. Her role is to attract attention and for people to determine its effects. It clearly uses the soft and smooth skin to prove the uniqueness of the product.

The poster informs people of the product. It targets people who love to have fair skin. The advert targets the disposition of the audience to admiring the girl in the picture. Many would like to appear as pretty as she does. It shows that the ladies social psychology will increase when they consume this product.

There exists many other brands of the same product, but this is better. It gives the visual effect that it works better on the skin than all the rest. The use of celebrity and her words also enhances the visual effect. She admits that she has experienced the label and liked it. She then poses in a way that shows love.

The advert has a concealed message, “Nivea speaks to the beauty of human connections and the intimacy of touch.” This indicates the importance of the brand to make people’s appearance and feelings better. There is also another secret message, “an iconic voice celebrating an iconic skincare brand.” This means the star has a lovely voice and used to express the goodness of Nivea.

The method of advertisement is the use of posters. They are placed in places where people will see. It is also often adjusted to give more color and attract customers. The advertisement is available on television. It includes the celebrity’s music and video which perfectly relates to0 the product advertisement. It can also be found in various magazines. It was published to draw the attention of consumers to discover and test the brand, Nivea.

The ad was published in the United States because of the advert face. The company responsible for the production is called Unilever Limited. The company also produces other products like the Vaseline products. The target demographic audience is young ladies. This is because the face of the advert is a young lady and whom only youngsters are familiar with. It was likely to persuade the young people to buy the product because of the music artist used. They also quote her saying that she has used the brand. This is to make the audience believe the advert. It has also achieved the attempt to persuade the audience that the product is true. They also show that it has been clinically tested.

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They also include a way to contact for more information. The facebook information is given below the advert. The people interested are expected to visit the site for any questions, and to investigate more information on the product. The facebook is used because it is a major site nowadays that most people can access.

The color layout used is brown and soft. It is perceived that the color shows extreme beauty. It is therefore, used to show the work of the product in enhancing beauty.

The advertisement uses text and photos to appeal the audience. The photo and words used describe the product to the consumers. Rihanna, the icon used is famous to teenagers for her beauty and angelic voice. Many admire her and so would think of using the product to be like her.

Nivea is smooth and cheap and affordable. It contains no harmful ingredients. It is convenient for all types of skins. Dry skins are made soft and supple. Oily skins are enhanced to control the amount of oil in the face. The various lotions, creams, spray and jellies, are all safe and clinically tested.

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The petroleum jelly can be used on new born and young children. It makes their skin soft and smells good. They also have perfumes and sprays. Both men and women can use them. They also have hair products. There exist hair sprays and oils that clear dandruff and other hair problems. They also have bathing soaps and shampoos. They have a sweet smell. For ladies, they have make up kits under the brand name. They are affordable and can be trusted. They will never let beautiful ladies down.

The products can be found in leading supermarkets and cosmetic shops. The product has lead to an increased number of fashion areas. More business’s selling the product has been established. The production company also gives offers to attract customers more. They also fund the institutions that are affected by bad skin conditions. They financially support the needy.

They have hosted charitable organizations. Recently they raised funds to feed the hungry, and provided necessities to the less fortunate.

In conclusion, the product has been successful as many people use Nivea products. Not only ladies as there are also men’s products. Products like anti-aging creams are also available for the elderly. There is atleast something for everyone.

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The product also faces huge competition from other upcoming products. Teat is why they come up with new ideas of what the consumers need. They try to have the best there is. Consumers’ feedback turned positive after conducting questionnaires. This is advisable so as to know the citizens views on the product. They give positive feedback, and this motivates the team to give more of their products.

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