The Science Movie: in Good Company

The movie can only be regarded as a night mare that has combination of feel good and challenging events. There are various male characters in the movie, attached to various possibilities of hearts being, or not being, carried in other hearts. But the movie is really about the science of transformation of women, of all three women. That is what is surprising: This is not simply about Maggie being worked on by Ella and Rose but about how her growth nudges both of the other women into new directions .Carter Duryea is half the age of Dennis Foreman. When the events of the movies are to favor others, some have to suffer the consequence of the changes taking place. The company is bought in a corporate take over and the position of Dennis Foreman as a top sales guy in a major magazine company is taken up by Carter Duryea. Carter becomes his new boss.  This happens at a time when Dennis needed the high pay to solve his problems at home and when he is still holding on cultural norms.  His daughter wants to transfer to NYU which is much more expensive than SUNY. The events happening around him all require his attention. His wife tells him about her pregnancy the some night. This also requires the in put of some finances

Dan is not the only person experiencing the turmoil. Carter despite his position is faced by challenges at home. He lives a life of loneliness when his wife Selma Blair divorces him after seven months of marriage. The environment at work favours him but the situation at home is worsening. On the other hand, Dan has a lovely family, friends and relatives. The loneliness Cater feels drives him to inviting himself to Dan’s premises. He seek for a place to feel the human affection but his relationship with Dan gets sour when Cater falls in love with Dan’s daughter Alex. Rather than the expected positive out come, the events are an evidence of how stressful his life is. The company doesn’t seem to go for new resolutions that would improve the lives of all people, give people a chance to learn and ensure that all people live happily.

Dan wishes that his daughter remains a little girl forever. The movie is well organized and the work of professionals. The director Paul Weitz has adopted the works of Nick Hornsby’s. The story is heartwarming and up to the task. At the beginning of the movie, Dan continuous to develop a caring and fatherly affection towards his kid but suffers the treatment at the office. His relationship with Carter is not easy due to his callowness. At this time, Dan is not aware of the relationship of Cater with his daughter Alex. There is a confrontation between the two when the issue comes to the open. Towards the end of the movie, the two have to combine and work in unison due to the events taking place at the work place. There is a conflict of the leader and the societal norms and values (Hellreigel et al, 2009). The In Good Company is a company of short-lived company. Its hard to detect hat happens next at this point. However, this happens at last and the people feel cheated. A twist of the story brings about the end of the events though it is short.

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It is clear that having a sexual affair outside marriage is unacceptable. This is seen in the reaction of Dan when he finds out that his daughter Alex had an affair with Carter. However the two seem to be from two different generations. Dan feels that his boss is wrong and there is a sour confrontation. Cater and Alex is mindful of the image they portray to the community as some actions are not acceptable in the culture. Dan feels embarrassed by his daughter as he considers himself as having brought her up with good morals. He did not expect that to happen to his own daughter.

The five main characters in the movie are Dan Foreman, Carter, Alex, Grace and Quaid. At first, Dan feels like he has already gotten a place in the world. His happiness is cut short after the company is sold and Carter takes over his place. He is a frustrated old but hard working man who upholds culture. This is seen in his reaction to Carter his boss on realizing the love affair between his daughter and his boss. He is however a loving and caring father to his children. Cater Duryea is a man who seeks for love and affection. He is young but capable of commanding in the job. He is a lonely man. Grace is a man with a keen observation of all events happening around him. He nosey and seeks to understand the cause of Carter’s loneliness. Alex is a loving young lady. She falls in love with her father’s boss and had a love affair with him.  Quaid can best be described as a comedian due to his gruff, befuddle and sensitive character.  The responses from the characters make the movie humorous though it is not a funny film. The focus of the movie is however on Dan and Carter.

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In a leadership position such as occupied by Carter, care should be taken and respect of cultural norms and values to avoid coming into conflict with the community. The workers are all aware of what is happening in the life of Carter just as would be expected in any organization. Those in leadership positions attract attention of both the customers and those under their rule. They are aware of his search for love and affection. His every move is monitored by those below him. Though some seem to understand his actions, the cultural norms suggest otherwise. There is fear of accepting change even in the education sector (Bandura, 1986). This is mainly the fear of demotion or discontinuity. The culture adopted in any organization must support its success.  The company must portray a picture of a good neighbour who respects and upholds the values and norms of a community.

In the education sector, change must be embraced. Despite its negative effects to some individuals, it will ensure that the institution is sustained and achieves the global standards of operation and services. The change would include dismissal or demotion of those with low qualification regardless of their age and promotion of those in with higher qualifications.  The change that has occurred in education sector includes the recruitment of more women into the leadership positions.

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 Those in leadership hesitate to leave the leadership for fear of unemployment. The culture has socialized people to respect those older than them. However, the situation is difficult when we have to consider the age and the authority one has. The world is moving towards globalization and most of past knowledge is not as useful as it was the (Lear, 1999). Most of the learned people are young but those who had already occupied leadership positions are unwilling to surrender.

 In America the family unit is the first point of socialization. The parents act as the guide to their children in how to behave. The father and mother take their children through the socialization process by portraying the negative effect of not following the community norms and values. They take the children to school and other institutions where they also learn what norms to hold to. Dan had brought up his daughter in such a manner and that’s why he was so discouraged when he came to know about the love affair between Alex and Carter. In the current generation, issues are different from the past. After the age of 18, most children feel mature and are left to make personal decisions concerning certain issues. The norms and values that a child acquires from the parents determine what is acceptable in the community.


 Compromising certain issues will definitely result to lowered standards of services. Any change that will work to improve the education system should be implemented despite the expected resistant. The qualification should be valued more than age in offering leadership positions. However, respect for all should never be overlooked (Hellreigel et al, 2009). Conflict is however expected when a young person has to take the command. Those at lower ranks but are older than the leader might feel intimidated when he gives orders in the work place. Young people especially unmarried are likely to have affairs which are against the norms. The community looks at one as being immoral when they see them relating even if he does not have any sexual affairs. The rule that a leader should not have an intimate relationship with his worker restricts the young especially if not married.  

 Like many American professional leaders, Dan feels belittled by the young leader. This would be the same if a young person was put to rule over old American professional leaders. They would not see the benefits of demoting those with low qualifications and promoting those with greater qualification. However, this perception is changing with time. In the recent past, leadership by young people was considered as incompetent as the argument was the lack of experience. The changing technology calls for improved leadership strategies. School leadership is the key to establishment of any reforms in the schools. This is one of the sectors with cultural diversity. The moral reasoning of a leader drive the institution to social justice with all the parties involved participating. The various issues in education include: class, gender, disability, race, and sexual orientation among other factors. The marginalization of such kind should be addressed in the United States. The actions of leaders should be based on desire.

The knowledge of the diversity of cultures by the leaders would be of great importance to those that are being lead and those that are in the leadership positions. This would ensure reduction in the number of conflicts between the leaders and the community (Bandura, 1986). If there is conflict, development is delayed o neutralized. In the education sector, understanding the cultural different is important in the determination of how to conduct meetings, what infrastructure to put up. When the community feel recognized and valued, they are very cooperative in establishing development and giving moral and financial support to leaders. Any leader must seek to gain public trust in the sector they are in. if some incidences occur such as having an affair with a student would defiantly ruin public trust (Parker, 1995). There is a mixture of people of different ages in America. All these have been socialized differently from the other. When taking up such leadership, the leader must understand the difference in culture, age, gender, educational level, among other factors that influence on a persons attitude and behavior.

Changing people’s attitude on the leadership issues is very important. We are in an error when leaders in different sectors including education have been considered as opportunistic. They have been accused of having sexual affairs with their students and junior staffs. This has however been found to be true in some cases. These relationships are conditional. The leader requests for a sex as a payment for favors done. Change in this sector can be achieved from the highest to the lowest level.

Those in leadership can be educated to view change differently and to be willing to accept and support the changes that positively affect the development. There are new employment laws that are being reinforced. The knowledge of such laws will positively impact on the organizations. The employment laws allow for changes to be implemented without any biasness. This will reduce conflict in the organizations.

Politics may positively or negatively influence organization behaviour and administrative decision. We are living in an error when democracy is valued more than ever. The leaders in most sectors are elected by fellow workmates and policies are made by an involvement of all stakeholders and are expected to be in control of the happenings in the organization (Bandura, 1997). This can end and some times result to conflict. If control of the situation is not applied, there can be an attack of personality and thus conflict. This leads to a poor working environment both in businesses and organization. It may also reduce collaboration thus reading to failure in implementation of the policies. However, if well controlled, politics can have a positive impact on an organization.

The values and mores of an organization influence both a business and an organization. What people believe in influence what they purchase, eat, wear, and the services they readily accept. This can be seen in religious matter and cultural matters. If the people around the organization realize that the organization does not respect its culture, the community might withdraw from working for the organization, purchasing goods from the business or in extreme cases order that the business or organization to a different sector. Since we are now moving to global trade, more emphasis should be on meeting standards with the target group in mind.

 The education sector has for a long time been influenced by social norms and values both negatively and positively. The socialization of the children to certain norms at the family unit has been of great help in maintaining social order (Manning & Curtis 2008). The time that would have been utilized giving punishments and counseling is used for effective development. The film In Good Company clearly brings out the role of the parents in disciplining their children. Though the child may fail to follow everything they are told, there is some level of obedience that is achieved. It has been found out that students perform better with the input of both the teachers and the parents.

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In conclusion, the movie in Good Company so far has been the usual corporate slasher movie, in which good people have bad things happen to them because of the evil and greedy system. Then it takes a curious turn, which goodness prevails and unexpected humility surfaces. The developments in it have followed the template of standard corporate ruthlessness, with lives made redundant by corporate theories that are essentially management versions of a pyramid scheme: Plundering victims and looting assets. It has clearly brought out the impact of neglecting cultural issues in leadership and the role of the family in maintaining order in the society. The movie is effective without being over whelming. It does not have the power of the city of God, Pixote, Salaam Bombay. More emphasis should be put on the respect of cultural diversity, norms and values when molding leaders, as science of human nature puts it.

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