Ethical Issues in the Play an Enemy of People

Dr. Stockmann as the medical director in the board has been mandated to inspect the resort’s health conditions in relation to the baths. The character of Dr. Stockmann is developed as idealistic. This is because of his consistency in ideas and not compromising what is really the truth. It was actually his original idea that the town can be developed into an extraordinary resort through construction of the baths in the springs. This eventually did materialize and many benefits were being realized from the new asset in the community. The business was doing well and life was a bit better for the town residents. He is the one who should be credited as having provided the required driving force in the establishment of the project. His business sense and ideas are real and potential benefits have started being generated in the form of influx of tourists, rising value of property and a decrease in unemployment. The doctor is real in that after conducting the research about the spa he is ready to present the findings to the relevant authorities. He actually maintains the truth that, the baths are contaminated and is ready to remarkably announce the discovery. The doctor is realistic and ideal because in that if such condition is not attended to the baths will eventually be of no use as a result of this contamination from the town tanneries. The protagonist is also developed as a savior. Through his discovery, the project would be saved from future collapse if recommended improvements are made. He has a great concern for the welfare of the public because if that community’s asset collapses, then many would lose business, employment and income. He is so caring that even after his findings are denounced as faulty by his brother he is determined to make sure they are announced. The welfare of many community people dependent on the project is at stake here and the doctor’s actions proves to be indeed very decisive (Ibsen 25).

The doctor’s character is also developed as being very deterministic and as a guardian. He did not concede to the numerous challenges that faced him before and after announcing his findings about the spa waters. The public and family turn their back against him and he is widely perceived as an enemy but this does not prevent him from standing his ground. In addition, he remains upbeat all time regardless of the difficulties and challenges a feeling that helps him keep moving on. Peter Stockmann who is among the antagonists has a character that is unethical and not ideal. The burgomaster who chairs the bath’s committee opposes the closure of the baths to prevent the spread of disease as recommended in the findings. His decisions are really misguided when he condemns the report as faulty and calls for his brother to renounce it (Ibsen 107).

Further, the thinking that improvements to be made will cost enormous expenses and risk the wrath of taxpayers is equally wrong. If expenses are incurred to carry out project improvements, then more and more benefits can continually be reaped by the community. However, on the contrarily, if such expenditure is not incurred, then the project remains at risk of long term closure in the future resulting to even far reaching negative implications to the community. The mayor’s action to intimidate the newspapers editors not to publish the findings presents the mayor as corrupt. This is further shown by compromising many people to turn against Tom for example Petra the school teacher and daughter of the doctor. The character of Hovstad the newspaper editor is developed as idealistic but gullible. At the beginning, he poses a common stand with Dr. Stockmann that the publishing of the discovery was indeed of great public good. After regarding the discovery as realistic he promises to publish the news only for him to change his decision and combine forces with Aslaksen, homeowners, Mayor Peter and ordinary citizens in shouting Thomas Stockmann down. He was an upright citizen but his morals are compromised when his livelihood is threatened the same case with Petra the school teacher (Ibsen 137).

The dilemma facing the doctor can be resolved by standing to his stance and not compromising morals. It is clear that the majority might be wrong and the minority might be right. Once the majority notices their wrong decisions, then amendments can be done. Changing his decision would do more harm than good and consistency will actually bring some sense to the opponents. Each different duty should be accorded the same kind of attention since giving precedence to others will only bring more complications. Dr. Tom should actually consider all duties equally important and be guided by ethics in executing them. A person really can have a duty to the society and the society does not want such duty fulfilled as it is the case for Dr. Stockmann. This happens when the same society fails to recognize the positive implications such a duty can bring once carried out. The society also may be compromised in thinking otherwise may be by the ruling authorities. I think Dr. Stockmann is not a traitor to the people of this town because all what is up to is for the benefit of the society. However, he can be considered as a hero and not an enemy because he is fighting for truth, democracy and justice. Once the public realizes that truth is not dangerous, risk and violent then Dr. Stockmann will be credited as a hero. Through his discovery, Dr. Stockmann is right in the Kirsten springs and necessary project improvements should be carried out without any opposition as recommended. Once such improvements are made then the welfare of the community will be improved as more and more benefits would be available (Kidder 185).

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