The Case of ABC Inc

Carl Robins was facing a crisis at work which was not entirely his fault and could have been avoided. This case was a good demonstration of a company that has poor structures when it comes to dealing with new recruits. It also highlights the poor arrangements by Carl Robins. In general human resource expectations, such roles of handling new staff, vetting, training end eventual absorption is a duty that requires both the company and the individual staff to work together. In case of a problem, it cannot be blamed entirely on any one party. The process of handling new recruits should be handled by both the company and the staffs also has a great role to play.

In this particular case, there are several mishaps that can be highlighted. For instance, Carl Robins was a new employee at ABC Inc. He had only worked here for six months and this was the first recruitment he was handling yet he was allowed to do it unsupervised. There is no one at ABC Inc. Who was assigned to supervise his progress noting that he was inexperienced and this was his first recruitment effort. This was a mistake for ABC Inc to assume that after only six months of working there, he could handle the case on his own successfully.

There is also a huge planning problem that can be seen in this case. Carl Robins realizes that he did not have all the required documentation required to have a successful orientation more than a month after he did the recruitment. He did the recruitment in early April and he notices the lack of adequate paper work in mid- May. If he had followed up earlier on these cases, before Monica contacted him, he would have had adequate time to get the proper documentation.

The orientation manuals were not adequate. There were only three available while fifteen were required. The communication with the recruits was also very poor if after a month after the recruitment, none of the recruits had been sent to the clinic for the mandatory drug screen. There was also the problem of lack of a training venue. The conference hall that had been reserved for the orientation training had been double booked. Joe from technology had also booked it. Neither Joe nor Carl was informed earlier that the training hall had been booked by someone else.

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These are the problems that landed Mr. Carl in the situation he finds himself in. He is partly at fault. He had a whole month to go over the details of the fifteen recruits but he waits until he is prompted by Monica to check the details. This shows his lack of proper planning. He is also quite inexperienced. He failed to initiate communication to the recruits informing them of the mandatory drug screen. ABC inc is also to blame for this grave situation. First, the left the recruitment to a new employee with no experience whatsoever in recruitment to carry out the exercise by himself. They should have at least provided a supervision post for a more experienced employee to take Carl through his first recruitment. The double booking of the venue is also a big mistake that stands in the way of the training scheduled for June 15th.


Since Carl has seen all the problems that stand in his way, he has to come up with immediate fixes in order to save the situation. The first move he should take is to communicate with the fifteen recruits so as to get all the pending information that is lacking, get them to fill out all the paper work and get the to present their missing transcripts. He has to make sure that he insists that they move with haste in order to make the June 15th training deadline. He then should refer them to the clinic for the mandatory drug test. To ensure that the process moves as quickly as possible, he should do the booking of appointments personally so that he can get them screened as soon as possible. When he makes sure that this is underway, he should now sort out the issue of the training room. There is nothing much he can do about this situation other than voicing his complaint to the ABC management and keep following up on the case. it would actually be wiser if he had some suggestions on how they can resolve the double booking for the training room. If possible, he can involve Joe for ideas since they are both in the same problem. He should also address the lack of orientation manuals. He should obtain one complete copy with all the pages intact and make copies for the fifteen recruits.

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Proposed solution

Carl's goal of getting the training organized before 15th June is achievable. But this is not the major problem. ABC Inc should learn from this case and correct their systems and mechanisms of working to avoid another case like this one. If the recruitment is done on a regular basis, there should be a well laid out plan of how it should be done such that even new employees can easily go about the exercise. The lack of orientation manuals is a clear indication that there is a breakdown of communication in the management of ABC Inc. The person in charge of the recruitments should be the first to realize that the manuals need to be replaced. This should be communicated through the right channels through the management to avoid such embarrassing scenes.

The management of ABC should also look into the double booking problem. It could either be poor management of resources and poor planning or it could indicate the increase of demand for the few resources available. If it is a poor planning situation, the management should look into it and figure out who is not doing their job right. If it is the resources that are not enough for the activities of the various departments, then ABC Inc should look into other alternatives like renting rooms for their shorter training sessions or acquiring or building a new venue. This should be discussed in the management level to determine the most appropriate way to follow.

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The biggest contributor to the emergence of this case was the poor communication and coordination of activities at ABC Inc. First, there should have been a mechanism of supervision for the new staff. If Carl was working under supervision, he could have noticed these problems earlier and this whole case could have been avoided. The issue of double booking was also another big indication of the poor communication at ABC Inc. The person doing the booking of the training rooms should have noticed that it was double booked even before Carl went and found Joe. The management is also failing if the training manuals are in bad condition and no one has made efforts to have them replaced. If proper management settings were in place, this whole case would have been avoided. 

In a corporate setting, such cases as this one could look like just another mishap but in the long run, they end up costing more than was budgeted for. Take for instance; Carl had to make a follow up of the fifteen recruits for their transcripts and forms. That translates to phone bills and even travelling costs. He then had to make last minute appointments at the clinic; this means a phone call which would have been enough for the appointments was not adequate. He probably had to go there to do it manually so he can stress the urgency. Those are more bills which were unexpected. The double booking was also a major problem in this case. The easiest fix would have been to hire another room so that both planned activities go on as planned. This also translates to extra bills. All these extra costs would have been bypassed if only the planning was better.

The installation of better working systems would have also gone a long way in avoiding this case. As a long term solution, computerization of the processes of recruitment and training room allocation will eliminate such episodes.

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