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Communication Analysis

The ultimate aim of this paper is to analyze various communication skills used in English grammar. In order to do it correct, we first focus on a movie to give us the guideline to analyze the communication skills employed. The movie is 'revolutionary road' by Sam Mendes.

The movie starts by Frank preparing to leave for work where he gets dressed up in a grey suit and a hat then he drives straight to the railway station where he takes the train that takes him to the city. The communication skills employed by Frank are the non-verbal communication by doing actions without speaking. He also employed the use of all forms of gestures including delivery, citing, turn and seeking gestures by employing all the movements seen (Windle and Warren, p5).

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April, Frank's wife is seen looking at the neighbor hood and deep in thoughts, she flashbacks; she was seated in the car with the husband Frank as Mrs. Givings was driving. As she drove, she kept on complimenting the couple that is April and Frank saying that they are the model couple of the city as they are very different from other couples and that she is not the only one admitting it but also other people in the town who admire their uniqueness. Some of the communication skills seen here are the working memory theory, mindless, recalling, chunking and message overload. These are well expressed by the statement of Mrs. Givings. The mixed message is also brought up where Mrs. Givings admires the couple and lets them know that even the other people in town admit that they are the best couple model in town.  Mrs. Givings drives to the new house of the couple and she (April) becomes very happy on seeing the new house. Here the physical environment is clearly brought out (Windle and Warren, p8).

Her flash back comes to end. Then we see Frank walking within hundreds of people heading to work but he is not happy with this daily routine but in the elevator he smiles when a beautiful secretary gives him a glance. This brings out the all the distance communications including, intimate distance when he smiles at the lady he met in the elevator. Others are public distance, social distance and personal distance as well as personal space (Windle and Warren, p12). Note that the non-verbal communication like smiling, walking and being gloomy are as well seen. Out of the elevator he walks to his cubicle trading his miseries with his colleagues.  Then his boss calls him to give an account for the bad job he did. He was working as a sales person in Knoxx and we realize that his father also used to do the same job for all his life. There are various skills displayed here and they include, role relationship when he is called to explain why he failed his responsibility, family stories when he notices that his father also worked at the same company, value conflicts and interpersonal conflict due to doing a bad job.

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His coworkers then laugh at him for the yell he had received from his boss and this makes him to revise the job jokingly something that could cost him his job. The coworkers of Franklin express all forms of vocal communication like characterizers, qualities and vocal distracters (Windle and Warren, p14). To calm himself, Frank walks to the cute secretary's office where he tells her to type the revised job for him and later asks if he could take her out for lunch, which she agrees. While they were out for lunch, Frank called to the office to ask for permission for the secretary to help him with the research work. The interaction and short-term relationship are well examined.  The American sign language and conversational narcissism are as well seen when he asks her to type the job for her and when he asks her to go for lunch with him.  Opinion, mindless and responding are expressed by the lady secretary who easily gave in (Windle and Warren, p27). After that he then cracks a joke that his father had worked in this same company he is in for all his life and he was the most miserable person he ever new and swore he will not leave such a miserable life in other words, never to do same job as his father. First, history is employed, second hierarchy is expressed through saying his father then him. Third, self-disclosure is also observed through telling her the story. Besides, the lady expresses the listening and hearing skills.

Funny enough, he is thirty now and doing the same job and indeed living a miserable life. Frank employs the proximal outcomes and context as well as rational culture. The two later have sex in the apartment where Frank lives with a hurry living the secretary who then feels used up and dumped. This clearly shows turn-taking, negative interaction ration, distraction, disqualification, physical characteristics, territorial markers and image conflict as well as interaction adaptation theory (Windle and Warren, p30). The secretary woman who feels disqualified and hates herself for her cheap agreement of everything expresses all these. On reaching home, Frank is welcomed by a kiss from his wife and the birthday cake by his wife and their children; Michael (Ty Simpkins) and Jennifer (Ryan simpkins) who then sing him a birthday song mesmerizes him. His eyes got field with tears of joy. The non-verbal communications seen by the kiss he receives, happy faces shown by his children and wife. The kiss is also a body artifact. Other communication skills expressed include empathy when he cries with joy, receiving when he is welcomed, message overload when he sees the cake, regret when he recalls how he had betrayed his wife, neutralizing when he realizes his family is better than the secretary lady (Windle and Warren, p34). He also expresses the avoiding stage and apology when he recalls what he had done. Other communication systems employed include long-term attraction to his family, body orientation, expectancy violation theory, costs and pursuit withdrawal.

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Note that these communication systems are very prominent in our day-to-day lives since all our actions employs them including sleeping, walking, eating, swimming, laughing, crying, and talking and so on. In addition, note that these communication systems are very many and this context has only outlined a few of them.

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