Eugene Joseph Stanislas Foullon d'cotie

There are excellent artists whose masterpieces become an indelible part of the art world. These masterpieces are not just preserved for their value, but for their beauty, meaning and interplay of elements as well. One of these masterpieces is Antoine Vestier's Eugène Joseph Stanislas Foullon d'Écotier. The painting will be analyzed based on its description and interpretation.

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Vestier completed Eugene Joseph Stanislas Foullon d'cotie in 1785 to honor his appointment as intendant of Guadeloupe in June of the same year. The medium for this painting is oil on canvas and was done in an oval canvas measuring 31 5/8 x 25 1/8 inches. The painting shows Eugene Joseph Stanislas Foullon d'cotie holding a chart "Carte Reduite Des Isles De La Guadeloupe Marie Galante Et Les Saintes."

In the painting, the subject poses while holding a chart. At the back, there were some papers or perhaps charts which give the idea of the kind of job that the subject has. Also, the subject is painted in a vertical position. The lines of objects were soft and planar. The shapes of the objects in the painting were a combination of large and small, the subject being the largest shape. Blue is the dominating color in the painting. In one glance, one will decide that the painting has a smooth surface.

Upon closer examination of the painting, one will notice that the colors used were subdued. Only the expression on the subject's face could lighten up the whole painting. From every angle, the painting was hung above eye level. The painter used an oval canvas to lessen pointed sides. The shape of the painting added a softening look to the painting. One will also notice that the brush strokes used were done finely. This is to emphasize the details of the subject. The dim color used smoothly also points to the subject as a whole-hearted man. His dress was colored in dark blue to symbolize perspective.

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Aside from these observations, one will notice the use of soft lines from thin brush strokes. These lines were used to point the attention to the subject as being the major source of oval element. The location and the way the papers were arranged behind the subject gives the impression that he works at an office. Furthermore, there were curved lines on the coat to put more definition to the subject.

Another observation from this painting is the way the subject and other key elements were rearranged. These were arranged in such a way to make effective use of space. In addition, one can perceive that the subject and the background were drawn together. However, they were not drawn so close together as to sacrifice the space between them. Although there are many entities in the painting, the images were still effectively and orderly arranged.

However, one will notice that the borders in the painting are not defined clearly because of its oval shape. From a perspective, it seems that there was a larger picture, but the painting centered on the subject, giving importance to the subject. The painting is an interesting piece, and shows the respect that the painting has for the subject through the emphasis given on the subject. This underlying meaning of the painting can be easily perceived by viewers. Moreover, the painting is a symbol for the subject who wants to pursue his dreams of becoming a leader of his own beliefs. Furthermore, the analysis of this work of art enables the painter to admire his work.

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In summation, Eugène Joseph Stanislas Foullon d'Écotier is an excellent work of art that shows how the elements combine to produce a great art work. Also, the meaning of this painting can be seen on the emphasis given on the major subject of the painting.

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