Charitable Foundations

Charitable organizations and grantmaking foundations are organizations that involve in various activities of raising money from various different sources. Sometimes they create programs to help Americans but sometimes they use them to make the poor poorer like when they refuse benefits to people without works. They use the money to change the democratic process because money is power and power is money.  In America, the Tea Party wants to change the way government runs. However, it is very bad but they say that they are playing the game of changing government and they are doing that in the rules. The Tea Party is use the Republican Party to get power and so influence some things in the government like passing bills in Congress. In turn, the Republican Party gets money from the Tea Party to run its operations.             

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In the America, common sources of power are politics and money.  In American, it is not good for organizations to give money to partial politics or supporting one side the way Tea Party is support the Republican Party. The Tea party is totally against bailouts and hand outs (O'Hara, 1-5). This means, the only remaining way for these organizations is through increasing free participation. The truth however is that too small number of grantmakers, even think about this area because they never at all ever think about power itself. 

The charity organizations and grantmakers work hard to solve problems facing the Americans. This is because many people feel that they have been let down by the government. The government fails to create a way to prevent the problems or to provide support or solutions to the problems when they occur. If these organizations are really caring about the common good, they must participate in creating acceptable movements. It is wrong for them to let the tea party and its Republicans to attack the government and bring policies that refuse hand outs and bails outs.

After that, the money that they have in the bank, they use it directly and leave less than 1% to help people. This is unfair because they are cheating people that they are helping them and yet they are not. This means that they forgot their aim of helping the poor in society. They are rich people who are looking for the pain of the suffering, give them some little help and use them to help their selfish needs like looking for power. The rich do not care about the poor, they just want to make them poorer and use them for free labor. A good example is the Wisconsin rule of removing collective bargaining.

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The tea party and other charity organizations belief in things that are against the government and argue that rules, policies, plans, and taxes have passed tolerable borders. On the opposite, most of the American citizens would like improve services; and they are still ready to be cut more taxes in to get these things like free education and healthcare. The tea party movement demands change the job and role of government will do away with all these priviledges, they are outrageous and very wrong. Some of some charitable activities they want changed include to stop from environmental protection regardless of the fact that changes in climate, pollution and there related disasters are becoming bad.

Another one is the cutting spending  in health care despite the fact that citizens are suffer because of lack of responsibility especially those with physical or mental disabilities. In spite of, the declining education levels in America as compared to other developed countries, tea partiers are calling for reduction of money for education and stopping of bailout support for those losing their houses due to being defeated to pay their loans and mortgages. Those few examples among many do show that the tea party will greatly affect the charitable activities if given power. They want the suffering people to suffer more and if possible die like the disables who do not have money for hospital.

The large bad ideas held by the tea party give unusual favor for the wealthiest elites over government and the usual citizens or common man (Rosenman). They are getting more influence to push for their plans which can cost the economy very much in future and rising the debts, crisis, and disasters. The method government takes on issues facing its citizens are largely determined by persons in power and the interests they serve. These grantmaking foundations must accept this fact and start helping the public to be aware so that they can act on the problems that affect them. In conclusion, these organizations and foundations need to start new type of grantmaking.

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This, which goes further than just funding services but also designed to building power in helping up of the government's promise to deal with the heap of problems that face us every day. Foundations usually fail to involve you in power for fearing argument and being criticized. But considering the and problems that face America and its people today; these grantmakers must take action without fear. They should consider looking at leaders, creation of leaders who will help America and its people. They should really become charitable organizations that support the poor and not looking for their own selfish needs. Finally, they should help people to be aware in choice of leaders and what they want for their future. This way they have change lives.

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