Japan Tsunami

Tsunami also called a tidal wave is a series and sequence of water waves, which is caused by the displacement of a large water volume like the sea, ocean and can also occur in large lakes. Tsunami is common in Japan because, such occurrences have been approximated and recorded to have occurred 195 times. This is due to the vast volume of water body and the high energy that is involved; hence tsunami can destroy coastal regions in a very short time.

On the 11th March 2011 at the off coast of Japan, an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 struck. This stirred up a devastating tsunami, shaking the buildings in Tokyo, swiping over cities and farms in the country's northern part. Tsunami also set off its warnings far away, as South America and the West coast of U.S. As it was recorded on the Richter scale 9.0, this earthquake scale magnitude was the most powerful to ever hit the country. It escalated over the possible radiation leaks near the quake zone, from the nuclear plants that were there. During this event, Japanese recorded the highest death toll that was estimated to be more than 1000 (New York times, 2010). The nuclear proficients were tackling with the possible meltdown of the two reactors.

After the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan, the nation was organizing a nationwide rescue in efforts to rescue those survivors from the buildings and also supply food and water to the people who were also, without water, electricity and even telephone service. Due to the fear of the unfolding nuclear emergency, thousands of people have been evacuated from the environs of the two nuclear plants. The country was faced with something that was worse off than then, destruction of farms and the loss of lives of some people because, if the nuclear exploded more bad things would happen. Death toll will be very high, buildings, the economy and so much more will be at risk, due to the nuclear plant. This time the nation was faced with the worst nuclear crisis ever since, the Chernobyl. Therefore, Japanese government and officials turned to the desperate measures, while direr appraisal of the dangers of the nuclear plant was given by their American counterparts.

During this time, Japan was faced by escalating nuclear and humanitarian emergencies. This is because, the two crippled plants had partial meltdowns and the cooling hitch hit four more reactions. Rescue teams continued their search of grim and grind of the earthquake and the tsunami aftermath. This was so for both the civilians and the government, they prepared 100,000 troops into the field in relief roles. On March 14th 2011, another explosion was reported, the two nuclear plants released steam and this could go on for a longer period of time, even months. Hence, the stricken reactors were flooded with emergency sea water and also, the steam releases were some of the frantic steps taken, in order to avoid a bigger problem. A nuclear core was full of meltdown from the two reactors at the power station located at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power station.

The official death toll had increased; since more than 9400 people had been registered dead and 14,700 people were missing as of march 23, 2011, at the same time 400,000 people were living in the evacuation centers and in the makeshift shelters. The windy weather that was coming to the north of Japan added to the misery of that region, as they also lacked water, food and fuel. The country's economy was shielded by the central bank following the reduction of financial markets, from the tsunami impact. The shield by the Central Bank was by pumping in liquidity in the financial system and reducing the monetary policy more, through the expansion of asset purchase.

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