Situation Analysis. Uniliver

What is the most important problem?

The most important problem that Uniliver faces is the marketing of the Axe. The Axe advertisement that the company designed was very influential and it presented a bad image of young girls. Since advertisements are very important in the society. It is important to consider the content of the advertisement. The Axle advertisements designed by Uniliver displayed male images suited in Machismo club hoping. This advert also displayed the wrong image of the young women since it degraded them greatly. This was a serious problem in the society since the people were not pleased by the kind of manners that these adverts were promoting in the society.

Secondly, the beauty Industry faces a very strong challenge of lowering the self-esteem of the children in the society. The advertisements in made by Uniliver, made the children and other members of the society to develop the wrong connotation of beauty. Therefore, Uniliver launched a campaign, “ Campaign for Real Beauty” whose main aim was to challenge the stereo-type that had been set by the beauty Industry over the eyes. This would work well to improve the self-esteem of the children and other members of the society (Wentz 7).

Problem Analysis

What are the causes of the problem?

The main causes of the problems identified in the society would probably be extreme modernization. Modernization makes the people to lack originality. The use of various adverts that portray bad image of young ladies and degrading actions is because the largest target population of this advertisement is youth. Therefore, parting and activities that involve fun easily lure the youth. In addition, the endless attempts to achieve thee unattainable beauty reflected in the advertisements is another cause of the problem. This leads to extreme lowering of the individual’s self-esteem, anorexia and emotional stress. 

Solution Analysis

What is the best solution?

The best solution to the problems that appear in this article is collective responsibility. The parents should be responsible to monitor the content of the activities that their children watch in the television. In addition, they should weigh the level of morality instilled in their children by the advertisements. Also, Uniliver advertisements are supposed to use beauty to instill moral values into the society. The mass media should critically analyze the quality of the adverts of various companies so that they ensure that these adverts do not mess the children psychologically. The perfumers of these advertisements should also be individuals with clear reputation, so that they are sensitive when it comes to performing adverts that would tarnish their names or create a bad image of a certain group of people.

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Implementation Analysis

How do we implement the solution?

The solution to the problems are very implementable. The best way to implement this is through the passage of bylaws to govern the performance of advertisements which may be deemed to be too sensitive or immoral by the public. These by laws would act as a very important tool to control  the quality of advertisements. The makers of these laws should also ensure that a high level of seriousness is maintained so that they continually monitor the advertisements and act in accordance to the law with no fear of favor of any company.

Secondly, the board should also create a self-regulation policy. This policy would play an important role in implementing these solutions since it would control the performance and the creativity involved in the designing of these advertisements. Uniliver should also formulate possible means to ensure that the board gets concerned about the reaction of the public to the advertisements. Advertisements that the public do not fully accept should be abolished. This is because the society has moral standards that should be followed. Also, advertisements the board should ensure that the thematic concern of attainable beauty is met in the concept of these adverts (Porter 16). 

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