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The Chronicle of Higher Education is a leading printed and electronic source of information, news and jobs for the members and administrators of universities and colleges. With more than 70 writers, editors and correspondents, the journal has a wide reach including global academic communities which seek information regarding trends, analysis and opinions concerning academic matters (The Chronicle of Higher Education n.d). For the university administrators and teachers this journal provides vital information, articles and research findings about factors affecting various institutions of higher learning. This allows professors to have deeper understanding of their teaching environment and strategies which they can implement to achieve efficiency in their service delivery.

There are various educational and social columns which reveal the issues affecting students at colleges. Advice columns in the journal provide students with alternative means of solving their issues and conflicts, since they encounter them during their study (The Chronicle of Higher Education n.d). The information concerning career building tools, such as job application guidelines and online CV management is very useful, especially for final-year students and those who seek internship opportunities. In addition, articles with instructions about successful job interviews provide a good support for those students who are still at their initial stages of career development. The vibrant discussion forums are also avenues for students who want to interact with their peers from the whole world and discuss issues affecting their academic life.

Future employees and workers can also get useful information presented in The Chronicle of Higher Education. A large quantity of job opportunities is listed in the printed and electronic journal. Various companies have entered into partnership with the journal in order to list their job openings for which qualified persons can apply. Those who are already employed can also seek better job openings if they are dissatisfied with their current jobs. It is, therefore, not surprising that numerous accolades have been awarded to the journal due to its useful attributes.



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