Poor Performance


Poor performance is an occurrence in day to day life. The poor performance in the following essay is in a speech that I gave in a national youth scouts camp. This was a final speech in an annual scouts’ meeting after the annual camp. The performance was dismal according to the evaluation by the audience and according to my own feeling after the speech. The organizers of this event only gave students the best scout troop commanders. They expected excellent presentation and award a medal after the presentation. It is therefore crucial that one gives a good presentation.

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Analysis of the Performance

During the day of the speech, I walked to the podium dressed neatly in the scouts’ uniform. I had not written down any notes since I had rehearsed the speech alone for a whole week. I gave the first paragraph with ease, making sure that I was audible to the audience. After the first paragraph, I started stammering and forgot the words in the speech. I could not recall the main points of my speech. I looked around the audience trying to look as composed as possible. Unfortunately, I focused my eyes on one of my main rivals from other troops which further increased my confusion. I started giving the rest of my speech in a hurry. At some point, I even uttered statements in illogical order. After the speech, only few people clapped. The organizing committee chairman never smiled when giving me the medal. The other speakers that followed did not congratulate or even mention my name as the troop leader of the year. Later, the members of my troop told me how poorly I performed on the stage. This evaluation and the experiences that followed was enough proof that I had really performed poorly in the speech.

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The main cause of the poor performance was personal arrogance. My ego had blinded me from the responsibility. After rehearsing my speech, I did not write down the main points I was to give. I focused more on proving to the people that I was the best than giving a good presentation. The second problem was lack of enough preparation. I only rehearsed the speech and considered the main characteristics of a good speech such as audibility and personal appearance. This was the reason why I kept an eye contact on only one person during the speech. I did not consider other

I have studied the characteristics of presenting a speech effectively. One has to be audible to the audience. This should not be in the extent of shouting. The physical appearance during the speech is also important. I should also write short notes to remind me of the main points. I should also rehearse the speech in front of my friends in order to receive a true analysis of the speech. Personality is also important. I should not move unnecessarily on stage. I should also use different non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and arm movements to create emphasis. I should also vary my voice during the speech to show different feelings. This way, I will improve and become a good speaker.


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The poor performance was a personal discouragement and injured my self-esteem significantly. I took this as a learning opportunity to improve my ability in presenting a good speech. I have therefore improved significantly with time. I believe I have the qualities of a good leader. Therefore, another great opportunity will present itself.  I will prepare adequately and present it perfectly. This is regardless of the size of the audience and the advantages that are attached to the opportunity. Soon, I expect that I will have another chance to present a speech to a national audience and make the headlines.

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